Telkom Receives Golden World Award From International Public Relations Association

Telkom Achieved Golden World Award from International Public Relations Association (IPRA)

By : JG | on 3:07 PM November 03, 2017
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International Public Relations Association (IPRA) gave the Golden World Award 2017 category "In House Corporate Communication" for "Synergizing the platform to manage complexity" communication strategy to Corporate Communication of PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom ) at the Golden World Award for Excellent in Public Relations 2017 event last week at the Sofia Hotel Balkan, Bulgaria. The award expresses its gratefulness to the achievement of Telkom in the implementation of the campaign program "Children Exploring The Space" which took place in early 2017.

The international organization of public relations centered in London, England, assesses the Space Browsing program is able to provide a positive social impact to the community at large.

IPRA greatly appreciates the program, because Telkom succeeded in synergizing various media platforms, ranging from print, online, TV and social media to communicate the launch of Telkom 3S satellite, which is complex but well received by all levels of society, especially children, which in the future is expected to be the next generation to develop the satellite industry in Indonesia.

Vice President of Corporate Communication Telkom Arif Prabowo explained that the Space Exploration program aims to provide understanding to children, especially those from outermost and remote areas (3T), regarding the achievement of Indonesia as the third country in the world that launched the communications satellite in 1976 , after America and Canada. "We provide education which is wrapped with Widya Wisata concept that is fun for children, so the students that we invite can understand more about the Indonesian unity," said Arif Prabowo.

Golden World Award for Excellent in Public Relations 2017 is an annual IPRA event to reward and reward the best public relations programs. This award ceremony is an IPRA initiative to give appreciation and appreciation to public relations programs that are considered phenomenal, inspirational and especially have an extraordinary social impact.

This annual event is followed by corporations, institutions and communication agencies that work with corporations, government agencies, the UN and other institutions from Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Europe. The Golden World Award itself is the highest award for public relations managers at the corporate and global institutions level.

Telkom 3S Satellite was launched on February 14th from Guiana Space Center, Kourou, Guiana France, or on February 15, 2017, Indonesia time, and received a positive response from various circles. The launch of Telkom 3S satellite aims to reduce information access gaps in all corners of the country, especially in 3T areas. The existence of Telkom 3S Satellite also shows Telkom's commitment to support the government's goal of realizing Indonesia as the largest digital economy power in Southeast Asia.

Previously in 2016, Telkom also incised similar achievements from IPRA with the award of Digital Activation to Get The Biggest Hackathon Event in The World Went Viral, for the category of Digital Media Relations From Social Media to Social CRM: Reinventing The Costumer Relations in the Category Social Media for PR.

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