Telkom Celebrates National Customer Day With Special Programs

Siti Choiriana, left, director of consumer services at Telkom, poses for a photo during an IndiHome customer house visit in North Jakarta on Tuesday (04/09). (Photo courtesy of Telkom Indonesia)

By : JG | on 9:37 PM September 05, 2018
Category : Corporate Updates

Jakarta. Telkom Indonesia held several programs to celebrate National Customer Day on Tuesday (04/09), including "Leaders Who Serve," which involved senior managers at the state-owned company visiting the homes of customers to meet with them directly.

Siti Choiriana, director of consumer services at Telkom, said the direct interaction between the company's directors and customers is aimed to better understand how they view Telkom and its services.

"Telkom has 6 million fixed-internet customers, 4,5 million of them IndiHome customers. This year, we want to improve our services for customers even further," Siti said in a statement issued on Tuesday.

Telkom directors from seven regions and 61 telecommunication areas across Indonesia participated in the program and made home visits to chosen customers.

Another program involved the promotion of a one-day service guarantee for IndiHome subscribers.

"For our customers with 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps subscriptions, if their service is interrupted for more than a day, they will be eligible for compensation of 10 percent of their monthly IndiHome subscription," Siti said.

Telkom will hand out special gift packs on Sept. 4-9 to IndiHome customers who have not yet subscribed to the All-Channel UseeTV service.

"The Telkom Group continuously strives to improve the quality of our infrastructure and services. We do this to meet our customers' needs for stable broadband services. On this National Customer Day, we also want to thank all our customers who believe in us and loyally use our services," Siti said.

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