Telkom Facilitates Safe Travel for Thousands During Idul Fitri Exodus

The Telkom Group once again presented a homecoming event to welcome this year's Idul Fitri holiday. (Photo courtesy of Telkom)

By : JG | on 6:59 PM June 12, 2018
Category : Corporate Updates

Jakarta. The Telkom Group once again presented a homecoming event to welcome this year's Idul Fitri holiday.

Three-thousand participating travelers set out on 42 buses from the Satria Mandala Museum in South Jakarta on Sunday (10/06) during an event held to facilitate customers, partners, frontliners and their families, to travel to their hometowns safely and comfortably.

On Saturday, Telkom also participated in "Mudik Together," an activity organized in cooperation with 62 state-owned enterprises, which saw around 26,000 travelers depart to their hometowns in 500 buses.

"I am proud that for the fourth time, the number of state-owned enterprises involved has increased. This is the commitment by state-owned enterprises to serve the community. This spirit of synergy will continue to be promoted," State-Owned Enterprises Minister Rini Soemarno said in a press release on Sunday.

Telkom consumer service director Siti Choiriana said the "Mudik Together" program is the company's response to the government's appeal to help people travel to their hometowns, and especially to reduce the number of motorcycles on the road during the annual mass exodus.

All buses were inspected for safety and comfort prior to the departure, while the drivers also underwent health tests. Each bus is equipped with safety equipment and staffed with relief drivers.

Throughout this year's Ramadan, the Telkom Group also organized the "Telkom Group Gives" program, which consisted of mosque renovations, disability aids, opening of the Al Istiqomah Smart Mosque, and handing over of donations worth Rp 6.4 billion ($457,000) to various foundations.

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