Telkom group Provides Digital Customer Experience For Customers in Surabaya and Bandung

Consumer Service Director of TelkomGroup Mas'ud Khamid (center) with Head of Communications and Informatics Office Surabaya Antiek Sugiarto (third from left) and Chairman of East Java Consumer Protection Foundation (YLPK) Saidu Sutomo (far left) while watching the digital table demo in Digital Grapari TelkomGroup Dinoyo in Surabaya (22/11).

By : JG | on 3:53 PM November 23, 2017
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After opening The Digital GraPARI TelkomGroup in Medan and Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD) Tangerang, PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) once again introduced two Digital Grapari TelkomGroup namely in Dinoyo, Surabaya and Lembong, Bandung. The service center which provides a variety of current services to deliver the seamless experience for these customers was unveiled simultaneously by TelkomGroup Consumer Service Director Mas'ud Khamid in Surabaya, (22/11).

"As a digital telecommunication company in Indonesia, Digital GraPARI TelkomGroup is one of TelkomGroup's efforts to transform services to customers. It is also a manifestation of our commitment to provide the best service to TelkomGroup customers and society in general, "said Mas'ud.

Former Director of Sales Telkomsel said that Digital GraPARI TelkomGroup provides the most complete services for Telkom and Telkomsel customers, both retail and corporate, which is expected to provide a better different experience. "This is our answer to bring a customer service center that is able to accommodate the diverse needs of digital telecommunications, in line with our commitment to build the digital community of Indonesia," said Mas'ud.

The customer service center also serves as an educational tool for customers and the community to experience Digital Customer Experience through digital facilities that are sophisticated, unique, and relevant to the lifestyle of the digital community ranging from Digital Welcoming Screen as a guide to digital experience choices according to customer needs.

Peresmian Digital Grapari TelkomGroup Digital Lembong

In addition, there is also a myIndiHome-MyGraPARI digital point to solve Telkom and Telkomsel's self-service problems such as IndiHome customer service, Halo card reimbursement, additional IndiHome service, Telkomsel card service up to debit, credit or cash payment service.

Digital GraPARI TelkomGroup also provides Discovery Screen which is a facility to find out and understand the advantages of Telkom and Telkomsel products according to customer needs and lifestyle through digital experience using sophisticated touchscreen desk.

Other facilities that will pamper customers digitally are also available at Experience Screen, a cutting-edge technology featuring digital features of Telkom and Telkomsel services on glass walls with touch-sailing projectors. Digital GraPARI TelkomGroup also features a variety of digital attractions that can enrich the customer experience, such as Smart Living device, or commonly called smart home based technology internet of things (IoT) and virtual reality that provides a different visual experience.

Also comes with the concept of integrated service space with digital lifestyle experience, GraPARI also has a spatial concept designed based on customer experience journey with a wider space that allows service officers to help customers more actively and persuasively to realize customer intimacy.

Digital GraPARI TelkomGroup provides services with the concept of "One and Done" where service personnel can serve all the needs of TelkomGroup customers supported by digital devices so that it is expected to provide complete customer service solutions.

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