Telkom Introduces WiFi Corner 1 Gbps For High-Speed Internet Access

Telkom Introduces WiFi Corner 1 Gbps For High-Speed Internet Access

By : JG | on 10:22 AM November 08, 2017
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In order to provide the needs of high-speed internet access triggered by millennial lifestyles, PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) launched WiFi Corner speed up to 1 Gbps located in front of Telkom Office Ketintang, Surabaya. This latest innovation was introduced by Telkom's Consumer Service Director Mas'ud Khamid at the WiCo site, Friday (3/11). The Wifi Corner (WiCo) with high-speed internet access is the 15,599th WiCo throughout Indonesia.

Mas'ud Khamid said, "Wifi Corner is a continuous innovation from Telkom especially in fixed broadband which can be accessed from mobile through and wifi seamless". By increasing the number of wifi corner, he added, Telkom has a strong commitment to build a digital ecosystem and build customer experience for high-speed internet access. As a result, this wifi corner can be accessed by the public, especially by young generation millenials or Gen Z, known for their thirst for bandwidth.

Mas'ud hoped that the visitors of WiCo is increasingly crowded so that it will become the point of interest for young people in Surabaya. "We will make sure that all locations in Telkom office and elsewhere, have maximum service. As the ecosystem grows bigger, we can quickly build a digital experience. "

Mas'ud added, by giving access to the digital world, there is no longer a massive gap between youth in remote areas and in the city. "This digital generation gave birth to creative generation. That is why, Telkom wants to realize the existence of digital creative center. "Added Mas'ud. In the future, there is a possibility that WiCo will be converted into a startup in each region of Telkom Regional.

On the same occasion, Mas'ud Khamid also gave appreciation to the 2.5th million IndiHome customer, which is Andy Tanaka, a resident who is also a restaurant entrepreneur in Surabaya.

Andy said, "This is the era of information, the Internet era. Indihome internet has become such an integral part of the business since it really gave us brighter future." said Andy Tanaka.

The awards given to Andy Tanaka are presented in the form of additional services totaling Rp 2.5 million for 3 months in the form of upgrade speed, upgrade of UseeTV, add-on movie, entertainment, and news.

"Telkom expressed gratitude for the trust of the community. Up until now, IndiHome service has been enjoyed by 2.5 million subscribers. This is a motivation for Telkom to continue to innovate and provide the best service for customers ", added Mas'ud Khamid.

Caption: Telkom's Consumer Service Director Mas'ud Khamid (second from left) was accompanied by Director of Telkom Akses Iskriono Windiarjanto (far left), OVP Consumer Fulfillment Telkom Sujito (second from right) and EVP Telkom Regional V Suparwiyanto during the launch of WiFi Corner speed up to 1 Gbps in Surabaya (3/11).

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