Telkom Launches Catchplay Select

Telkom Indonesia and Catchplay launched Catchplay Select, a new service that allows IndiHome customers to enjoy the latest blockbuster movies with no limits at affordable rates. Catchplay Select is expected to provide a variety of entertainment content in the form of the latest movies in high definition to all IndiHome customers.

By : JG | on 4:27 PM February 05, 2018
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As part of their commitment to provide high-quality entertainment for IndiHome customers, Telkom along with Catchplay, a movie-streaming service, launched Catchplay Select, a service that allows IndiHome customers to enjoy a wide Selection of blockbuster movies at home.

Unlike their previous Catchplay video on demand service that was launched in 2016, the new Catchplay Select is designed exclusively for the customer's home entertainment.

"While the previous Catchplay services can be enjoyed on multiple devices through Android / iOS app and browsers, the new Catchplay Select is exclusively designed for IndiHome's Set Top Box," said executive general manager of Telkom’s video and television division, Aris Hartoni.

Catchplay Group chief executive, Daphne Yang hopes that this new service will further open Indihome customers to access a large variety of exciting content, especially blockbuster movies. In addition, Yang also believes that this services will help reduce movie piracy as customers are now able to watch licensed movies and other content at affordable prices.

Catchplay Select "We are grateful to Telkom for extending its partnership with Catchplay. Our continued partnership greatly helps our efforts to extend the reach of our services to more than one million homes that have not yet enjoyed the Catchplay service,"said Daphne Yang.

The addition of Catchplay Select in Telkom's new service line-up answers the demand for high-quality movie entertainment at affordable rates. The service currently offers hundreds of Hollywood’s latest to watch, after three months from its initial releases in theaters, as well as other movies that have already been released.

Aris Hartoni added that the partnership between Telkom and Catchplay was first initiated in June 2016 as part of Telkom's effort to deliver an online based entertainment content service for IndiHome customers in Indonesia. Since then, the latest collection of Hollywood and Indonesian films from Catchplay are now available at the comfort of the home but can also be enjoyed on multiple devices.

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