Telkom Optimistic About Performance in Second Half of 2018

Telkom Finance Director Harry M. Zen, center, giving a presentation on the company's performance at the Investor Summit event in Jakarta, Wednesday (29/08). (Photo courtesy of Telkom Indonesia)

By : JG | on 3:26 PM August 31, 2018
Category : Corporate Updates

Jakarta. State-owned telecommunications company Telkom Indonesia said it is optimistic about its performance in the second half of the year.

In the first half of the year, Telkom almost completed the Indonesia International Global Gateway (IGG) — an undersea fiber optic cable network — launched the Merah Putih satellite, and expanded its mobile network segment.

The IGG Cable system is a fiber optic network that spans 20,000 kilometers to the to the west, reaching Western Europe, and 15,000 to the east, reaching the United States.

Telkom finance director Harry Zen said that in June, the IGG was 96 percent complete, and is expected to start operations by the third quarter of the year.

On Aug. 7, Telkom also launched its Merah Putih satellite, which carries 60 active transponders covering Indonesia, Southeast Asia and South Asia. The satellite is currently undergoing orbital tests, and is expected to be fully operational in the third week of September.

Telkom is focused on creating a healthy cellular industry by implementing marketing strategies and pricing to monetize data, as well as consistently improving network infrastructure.

The company is confident that it will maintain strong revenue growth, after recording a 19.5 percent growth pace in the first half.

"This is a time for Telkom to continue growing its enterprise business segment," said Harry .

In the near future, Telkom plans to issue between Rp 1 trillion ($67.57 million) and Rp 2 trillion of medium-term notes to improve its debt structure.

"Through the notes, Telkom decided to lock some interest into fixed interest for the next two to three years, amid rising interest rates in the United States," Harry said.

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