Telkom Supports The Appreciation of Smart City Readiness 2017 to 52 Local Governments throughout Indonesia

Head of Communications & Informatics Office of Tanah Bambu Regency South Kalimantan Province Ardiansyah, Director of Enterprise & Business Service Telkom Dian Rachmawan, South Tangerang Mayor Airin Rachmi Diani, Head of Statistics and Communications of South Sulawesi Province Andi Hasdullah and EVP Telkom's Government Service Division Mohammad Salsabil took a picture together delivery of Smart City Readiness 2017 by Telkom to 52 local governments across Indonesia in Tangerang (30/10).

By : JG | on 11:53 PM October 30, 2017
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In order to accelerate the digital transformation in the government sector, PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) continues to develop Smart City Nusantara Program (SCN) that utilizes information and communication technology (ICT) in the development and management of city/region to improve the performance of local government. As an effort to continuously improve the implementation of the program, Telkom specifically gave Smart City Readiness appreciation to 52 local governments who are ready to implement Smart City.

The award was symbolically handed over by Telkom's Enterprise & Business Service Director Dian Rachmawan to three local government representatives namely South Sulawesi Province, South Tangerang City, and Tanah Bumbu Regency. The handover of this appreciation was done at the Office of South Tangerang City Government on Monday (30/10). Meanwhile, the awards to 49 other local governments will be handed over directly by other Telkom leaders in various regions of Indonesia. The Appreciation is submitted in the form of a certificate and free Smart City service for one year, consisting of tourist information application, e-Reporting application, and Wifi that managed service 10 access points.

"The appreciation of Smart City Readiness is a tribute to local governments in implementing Smart City and supporting the creation of Broadband City in Indonesia," said Dian Rachmawan when submitting the award. "The World Bank's research shows that, in developing countries like Indonesia, every 10% increase in broadband penetration will have an increase of 1.38% Gross Domestic Product (GDP)", continued Dian.

The government through the Ministry of Communications & Informatics (Kemenkominfo) has launched 100 City Smart City Movement where for the year 2017 itself has been established 25 Smart City. Telkom as a SOE in the field of digital telecommunications contribute to accelerate Smart City program is through the launching of Smart City Nusantara program since 2016 ago. The implementation of the concept of Smart City has also meant that local governments are able to provide sustainable services, effective and can improve the comfort and security of community life and prioritize local wisdom.

The award to 52 local governments was given to 25 selected LGs and municipalities in the assessment of the 100 City Smart Movement initiated by Kemenkominfo in 2017, while for 27 other local governments the appreciation was given based on the Smart City Tekom criteria with the readiness parameters of Connectivity, Content and Collaboration.

The Smart City Readiness Award which is part of the Smart City Nusantara program is a form of Telkom commitment to participate in improving the performance of local government through ICT implementation. Smart City Nusantara's implementation is also expected to help accelerate the progress of the region as well as create sustainable economic/social and environmental development of provinces/cities /districts.

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