TelkomGroup Collaborate with Global and Local Partners to Accelerate Digital Business

(Left-right) Director of Digital Strategic & Portfolio Telkom David Bangun, Commissioner of the Indonesian Telecommunication Regulatory Body (BRTI) Agung Harsoyo, SVP Media & Digital Business Telkom Joddy Hernady and CEO Cellum Janos Koka (far right) during a discussion in digital Digi service booth area Summit TelkomGroup 2017 in Jakarta (23/11).

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As a national telecommunication company that continues to transform itself and excel in the competition in the era of digital telecommunications and in accordance with the spirit to always provide the best service that can bring the customer experience to the dimension of Live Like Never Before, PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero ) Tbk (Telkom) held the Digi Summit TelkomGroup 2017 on 22-23 November in Jakarta.

Digi Summit is an annual event to introduce the latest digital technology products from TelkomGroup as a manifestation of the company's commitment to continuously advance the national digital telecommunication industry. In addition, this event also carried out knowledge sharing by partners and the best consulting company in collaboration with TelkomGroup.

With the theme of "Engage Today to Shape Tomorrow", TelkomGroup invites summit participants to build future business potential by engaging customers through the latest use of TelkomGroup digital products. Through the implementation of the concept of "engage partner" in the form of joint investment and "engage client", it is expected that industry players can develop Business to Business (B2B) implementation and build the future of digital technology industry better.

"Digi Summit TelkomGroup 2017 is a good opportunity for partnership development as well as networking.This event is also an event to add insight from the speakers who are industry practitioners who have a very interesting case study in Indonesia.For example about" BigData ", a term that is often heard a day, and how to use it to be useful for the sustainability of your business, "said David Bangun, Director of Digital and Strategic Portfolio.

At this year's Digi Summit, TelkomGroup is partnering with a number of global and local partners who are qualified in digital technology with specific expertise to support the development of digital business services for both B2C, B2B and Mediation Portal segments. This collaboration or partnership is a strategic step of TelkomGroup to accelerate the transformation of the company into a digital telecommunication company. On this occasion, TelkomGroup has signed a partnership agreement with selected partners as a form of long-term cooperation for the development of digital business in Indonesia.

Metranet, a subsidiary of Telkom engaged in mobile content, commerce, online ticketing, and social network game publishers, signed a partnership with several partners including Cellum International for Fintech services, ADW for B2B Commerce (Xooply) and Gameloft, Garena, Blackstrom for UPoint Gaming service. Meanwhile, Telkom also signed a cooperation agreement with Agate for the development of Gaming Ecosystem.

TelkomGroup's Latest Digital Service At Digi Summit 2017, TelkomGroup launches soft launching of new digital services for enterprise and individual enterprise customers, including Xooply, Xsight, Aim Right, USearch, Hoobex and Oona.

Xooply is a service that will provide e-commerce and first B2B e-Marketplace platform that will aggregate the need for maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) procurement from SOE, BUMD and K3S. In this platform, the B2B partnership between buyers from SOE / D and K3S with suppliers is integrated with the latest technological innovation of e-procurement so that procurement can be more effective, efficient and transparent.

Xsight is a service that is intended for developers to be able to utilize the system link for its application as well as analytics Big Data.

Aim Right is a service in the field of advertising to enable corporate customers to send product information in various formats via mobile phone applications to user profiles according to target recipients of information.

In addition to Indonesian children and families, TelkomGroup has now set up USearch, a customized browser service aimed at protecting children from pornographic, cybercrime, racist and other negative content.

TelkomGroup also introduced Hoobex and Oona which is a "Twin OTT Platform" service for entertainment. Hoobex will pamper customers with premium video and music services by subscription. Meanwhile, Oona is a service that has dozens or hundreds of TV channels / linear channels that customers can enjoy for free and programmatic advertising based. Through programmatic advertising innovation, Oona will drive the achievement of a healthy video content industry in Indonesia.

By holding Digi Summit 2017, TelkomGroup hopes to improve the quality of customer business with the principle of "engage today to shape tomorrow" and able to accelerate digital transformation in Indonesia with better quality in the future.

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