Uber Introduces Upfront Fare for UberMotor

Uber has introduced an upfront fare for its UberMotor service. (Illustration courtesy of Uber)

By : Tabita Diela | on 2:32 PM October 19, 2016
Category : Business, Corporate Updates

Jakarta. Uber, the app-based ride-sharing platform, introduced new features in its UberMotor service that include a new upfront fare, destination updates en route and a minimum fare per trip, offering more control to customers, according to a statement.

UberMotor will now calculate the expected time of arrival and the total distance of a trip beforehand, providing customers with a fixed fare before they hop on their bike.

"This way, you’ll know your fare before you go; we'll let you decide what’s best for you and your budget," the statement said.

The base fare as of Oct. 18 is Rp 1,000 per trip with a per kilometer fare of Rp 1,000, per minute fare of Rp 100, minimum fare of Rp 5,000 and a Rp 5,000 cancellation fee if you cancel your order after more than five minutes.

There is a catch for the customers. Dynamic pricing icons — which showed customers the current price offered is more expensive than usual due to a higher demand — will no longer be available as they will now only see the cost for the trip they have ordered.

Customers can now also make changes during a trip — including making multiple stops or changing destinations. UberMotor will automatically calculate the total base fare, new distance and the new estimated time of arrival for the trip.

"To make these changes during your trip, simply go to your Uber app and key in the new destination and confirm the change," the statement said.

If the driver takes a significantly longer route, however, customers may be billed with a higher fare.

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