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APRIL's Biodiversity and Restoration Commitments Take Center Stage at IUCN Geneva

... added. Such initiatives align with APRIL2030, the company's vision for ... next decade. Biodiversity targets under APRIL2030 include zero net loss of ...
Special Updates Oct 13, 2023 | 3:00 pm

APRIL Group Contributes Rp 484.3 Trillion to Indonesia’s GDP in 2016-2022: Study

... with our sustainability commitment APRIL2030.” Launched in 2020, APRIL2030 is a roadmap ...
Special Updates Jul 14, 2023 | 6:42 pm

Safeguarding the Sunda Pangolin: RER's Commitment to Wildlife Protection and Conservation

... launched as part of the APRIL2030 initiative in 2020. Lately, the ...
Special Updates Jul 5, 2023 | 6:52 am

Working Together Towards Inclusive and Empowering Labor Day

... rights. Its 10-year vision, APRIL2030, has an inclusive progress target ... is dedicated to achieving its APRIL2030 vision, which focuses on inclusive ...
Special Updates May 1, 2023 | 2:50 pm

How Business and Its Supply Partner Contribute to Climate Action

... . Their sustainability agenda complements our APRIL2030 sustainability commitment by providing us ... a decade-long sustainability commitment—APRIL2030— with an overarching aim to ...
Special Updates Jan 3, 2023 | 1:08 pm

APRIL Wins Singapore Apex Corporate Sustainability Award

... award for its progress towards APRIL2030 — decade-long sustainability ... developing resources sustainably. Our APRIL2030 commitments and targets are ... s climate agenda." The APRIL2030 commitments and targets made ... in Nov. 2020. APRIL2030’s 18 measurable science- ...
Special Updates Nov 25, 2022 | 1:35 pm

APRIL Shares Its Sustainability Commitment at T20

... progress of the company’s APRIL2030 sustainability commitment. “Currently, 87 percent ... November 2020, the company launched APRIL2030 — a decade-long sustainability agenda ... on climate, nature, and people. APRIL2030 encompasses targets to achieve net ...
Special Updates Sep 14, 2022 | 11:44 am

Being Part of APRIL's Sustainability Journey

... Specialist, who helps it achieve APRIL2030 sustainability commitments, specifically related to ...
Special Updates May 30, 2022 | 11:27 am

APRIL Invests Rp33tn in Construction of Sustainable Paperboard Facility

... ’s four-pillared sustainability agenda APRIL2030. “This product diversification strengthens our ... existing sustainability commitments and our APRIL2030 targets. The new facility will ... contributing to the achievement of APRIL2030 commitments.
Special Updates Mar 30, 2022 | 1:29 pm

Businesses Play a Fundamental Role in Driving Sustainability

... flagship sustainability commitment APRIL2030. The APRIL2030 is a decade- ... doing the same as APRIL2030, the idea that ... achieve its APRIL2030 goals. Launched last November, APRIL2030 rests on ... intensity reduction target. The APRIL2030 agenda initially aims to ...
Special Updates Dec 3, 2021 | 6:04 pm

APRIL2030 Sees Significant Progress in First Year

... its sustainability agenda, APRIL2030. The four-pillared APRIL2030 encompasses planned concrete actions ... communities to provide the service. APRIL2030’s Thriving Landscape pillar is ... back into the wild. Meanwhile, APRIL2030’s Inclusive Progress pillar focuses ...
Special Updates Nov 29, 2021 | 5:34 pm

Government-Business Partnership to Protect Sumatra’s Peat Ecosystem

... the RER program. With the APRIL2030 Commitment launched last year, RER ...
Special Updates Nov 11, 2021 | 10:32 am

Solar Panels, Fire-Free Villages on APRIL's Climate Strategies

... APRIL towards achieving their APRIL2030 commitments. Under APRIL2030’s Climate Positive pillar ...
Special Updates Nov 5, 2021 | 6:15 pm

COP 26: Public-Private Collaborations Key to Climate Goals Funding and Implementation

... sustainable development. APRIL launched its APRIL2030 commitments and targets last year ... Riau province, in Sumatra. “With APRIL2030, we are building on the ...
Special Updates Nov 2, 2021 | 12:58 pm

APRIL Group Reaffirms Sustainability Commitments Ahead of COP26

... . Last year, APRIL launched its APRIL2030, the company’s four-pillared ... climate issues,” Sihol said. The APRIL2030 strategy builds on the company ...
Special Updates Oct 31, 2021 | 5:36 pm

Increasing Importance of Sustainability Practices in Pulp and Paper Sector Highlighted at Expo 2020 in Dubai

... year, APRIL Group launched its APRIL2030 strategy and commitments. One of ... the four pillars of APRIL2030 is focused on inclusive progress ...
Special Updates Oct 14, 2021 | 3:11 pm

APRIL Group Joins Global Initiative to Grow 2.5 Billion Trees by 2030

... Forest Management Policy and its APRIL2030 commitments. Under its Thriving Landscapes ...
Special Updates Sep 27, 2021 | 6:07 pm

APRIL Strengthens its Commitment Towards Climate Positive with Local-Made Electric Bus

... electric bus purchase aligns with APRIL2030 — the company’s four-pillared ...
Special Updates Sep 2, 2021 | 6:41 pm

Ensuring Sustainable Forestry through R&D

... strengthened by the launch of APRIL2030, of which the company is ...
Special Updates Jul 14, 2021 | 1:37 am

Sustainable Operation Is Key for Pulp and Paper Industry's Long-Term Growth

... goals with the launch of APRIL2030 - a series of commitments and ... use. “We hope that with APRIL2030, we are demonstrating that an ...
Special Updates May 31, 2021 | 11:44 am

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