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Locals Have High Hopes for Rempang Project Economic Benefits

Jakarta. BP Batam, the city's development agency, ... saying in a recent BP Batam press release. Nurbaiti was one ...
Special Updates Nov 23, 2023 | 6:46 pm

Rempang Eco-City: 83 Families Relocate to Temporary Housing

... the city development agency BP Batam. The recent relocation brought the ... keeps on increasing,” BP Batam’s spokesperson Ariastuty Sirait was ... national strategic programs. BP Batam says it will make sure ... . Ariastuty added that BP Batam would try its best when ...
Special Updates Nov 23, 2023 | 6:11 pm

Batam’s Jamselinas Biking Event Attracts International Cyclists

... city’s development agency BP Batam, the recent Jamselinas attracted ... , and the Philippines. BP Batam head Muhammad Rudi said that ... wished the participants could visit Batam again. The cycling event ... many participants, according to BP Batam. Aulia, who came from ...
Special Updates Nov 14, 2023 | 6:57 am

Batam’s Jamselinas Expects Thousands Cyclists from Home, Abroad

... the Philippines, and Thailand. BP Batam head Muhammad Rudi said that ... the event could promote Batam’s sports tourism. According ... “Hopefully, this event can drive Batam’s tourism and economic growth ... the Nongsa intersection. BP Batam will wrap up the cycling ...
Special Updates Nov 11, 2023 | 8:11 am

Rempang: BP Batam Tells Public to Not Get Easily Provoked

... Ramli, according to BP Batam. The agency wrote in ... the Rempang island. BP Batam immediately denied Rizal’s claims ... Economic Affairs, according to BP Batam’s spokesperson Ariastuty Sirait. ... and disrupt the conduciveness of Batam city,” Ariastuty said. “Just ...
Special Updates Nov 10, 2023 | 8:35 pm

Jamselinas Cycling Event A Chance to Promote Batam’s Tourism

... Nov. 11 -- can help promote Batam tourism. Cyclists from other parts ... hope more tourists will visit Batam in the future,” Rudi said ... . Having Batam chosen as the host for ... us work together to keep Batam conducive and comfortable,” Rudi said ...
Special Updates Nov 9, 2023 | 6:35 pm

BP Batam Plants 1,800 Trees for Greener City

... anniversary. According to BP Batam’s head Muhammad Rudi, ... statement. Rudi said that Batam’s massive infrastructure development must ... city and industry. BP Batam’s comprehensive planning is ... -free, healthy, and sustainable Batam”. Tree planting also become one ...
Special Updates Nov 6, 2023 | 11:14 pm

Indonesia in Pursuit of Dutch Semiconductor Investors

... Infineon has already invested in Batam, Riau Islands. Its manufacturing plant ... weekly production capacity of its Batam plant to 65 million pieces ...
Business Nov 1, 2023 | 1:49 pm

BP Batam Hosts 2023 Investment Award

... in Indonesia, particularly Batam,” BP Batam spokesperson Ariastuty Sirait was ... all regional governments in building Batam City. Ariastuty added: ... a collaboration between BP Batam and Nongsa Digital ... Singaporean Consulate General in Batam and the US Consulate ...
Special Updates Oct 27, 2023 | 8:25 pm

TikTok Shop's Potential Reopening Faces Government Objection

... ,7 trillion) investment in Rempang, Batam, Kepulauan Riau, will proceed as ... of Pasir Panjang in Rempang, Batam, Kepulauan Riau, agreed to relocate ...
Tech Oct 25, 2023 | 6:39 pm

Rempang Eco-City: 52 Families Now Live in Temporary Housing

Jakarta. BP Batam, the city’s development agency, ... in four different locations. BP Batam head Muhammad Rudi attributed the ... the agency’s approach. “BP Batam will keep on trying to ...
Special Updates Oct 20, 2023 | 8:41 am

BP Batam Offers Scholarships, Training for Relocated Rempang Locals

Jakarta. BP Batam, the city’s development agency, ... -city project. According to BP Batam representative Sudirman Saad, these training ... men to take part in Batam’s infrastructure construction works. “We ...
Special Updates Oct 14, 2023 | 7:15 pm

Relocated Rempang Locals Hold Traditional Banquet

... said. Rusli also thanked BP Batam --the city’s development agency ... the Rempang locals’ economy. BP Batam official Sudirman Saad said that ... mind. Sudirman added that BP Batam would not only keep the ... central government via the BP Batam has promised that it would ...
Special Updates Oct 14, 2023 | 6:48 pm

Rempang Eco-City: More Families Move to Temporary Housing

... families, according to BP Batam, the city’s development ... As instructed by the BP Batam chief, we continue our efforts ... realization in Rempang,” BP Batam spokesperson Ariastuty Sirait was quoted ... . According to Ariastuty, BP Batam vows to embrace a persuasive ...
Special Updates Oct 11, 2023 | 6:35 am

Rempang Eco-City: 16 Families Move to Temporary Housing

... city project in Rempang. BP Batam, the city's development ... any coercion or intervention," BP Batam spokesperson Ariastuty Sirait said in ... city posts. According to BP Batam, the numbers also keep ... the central government and BP Batam for helping our moving ...
News Oct 5, 2023 | 12:58 pm

153 Chinese Nationals Deported from Batam over Romance Scam Allegations

... three chartered aircraft from Batam Island. The deportations are ... nationals operating covertly in Batam and its surrounding areas. ... of 133 suspects in Batam and nearby islands. Additionally ... Nadim International Airport in Batam. The deportation process was ...
News Sep 20, 2023 | 10:35 pm

Police Face Criticism as Tear Gas Munitions Land at School during Rempang Island Riot

Batam. The Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( ... school on an island near Batam. This request comes in the ...
News Sep 8, 2023 | 2:32 pm

Police Arrest 42 Chinese Nationals Accused of Romance Scams 

... recent operations on islands near Batam. One of the suspects ... the Cammo Industrial Park in Batam, had been apprehended by ... detained 88 Chinese citizens in Batam on similar charges. Nasriadi ... these romance scam groups in Batam. Romance scammers typically operate ...
News Sep 6, 2023 | 10:42 pm

China’s Slowdown Won’t Affect Beijing’s Investment in Indonesia: Minister

... solar panel factory in Rempang, Batam. “Overseas investment that flows from ...
Business Aug 24, 2023 | 2:30 am

BTV to Air Muhammadiyah Founder Ahmad Dahlan Biopic 'Sang Pencerah'

... ), Chanel 34 (Medan), Channel 48 (Batam).
Lifestyle Aug 17, 2023 | 7:47 am

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