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Indonesia Set to Become Third-Largest Lithium Battery Producer: Luhut

... minerals such as bauxite. The ban on unprocessed bauxite ores is slated ... 90 percent of Indonesia’s bauxite ore exports go to China ... China's WTO Motion against Bauxite Ore Export Ban
Business 16 Mar 2023 | 11:12 WIB

Indonesia Anticipates China's WTO Motion against Bauxite Ore Export Ban

... the government to ban bauxite export to strengthen the ... times. China depends on bauxite ore supplies from Indonesia ... commodities. After nickel and bauxite, domestic processing will be ... than the value of unprocessed bauxite ores. Trade Minister Zulkifli ...
Business 3 Mar 2023 | 21:02 WIB

Indonesia’s Economic Growth Beats Most G20 Countries: Minister

... such as tin, copper, and bauxite. “We have begun the state ...
Business 14 Feb 2023 | 13:26 WIB

Indonesia Mulls Halting Copper Ore Exports

... similar policy on nickel and bauxite, President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo ... we expanded the policy on bauxite, and now we are calculating ... Nickel Export Indonesia to Ban Bauxite Exports in June 2023 Jokowi ... announced a ban on all bauxite exports starting in June ...
Business 31 Jan 2023 | 23:22 WIB

Jokowi Wants His Successor to Continue Banning Mineral Ore Exports

... exports of unprocessed bauxite in June 2023. Processing bauxite ores at home ... to increase the value of bauxite export from Rp 20 trillion ... to Rp 70 trillion. After bauxite, Indonesia will also go for ...
Business 10 Jan 2023 | 16:05 WIB

Coal Price Predicted to Stay Above $400 until January

... . Read More: Indonesia to Ban Bauxite Exports in June 2023 B35 ...
Business 25 Des 2022 | 22:25 WIB

Indonesia to Ban Bauxite Exports in June 2023

... the processing and purification of bauxite ore within the country." ... 's largest exporters of bauxite, the raw material used ... The domestic industrialization of bauxite is expected to increase state ... the USGS, Indonesia's bauxite production accounted for only ...
Business 21 Des 2022 | 13:16 WIB

Indonesia to Appeal WTO Ruling on Nickel Export

... other raw materials such as bauxite and tin to attract foreign ... work on downstream industries of bauxite," Jokowi said. "That means raw ... at Imminent Ban on Raw Bauxite, Tins Exports Jokowi Says 19x ...
Business 30 Nov 2022 | 17:31 WIB

President Hints at Imminent Ban on Raw Bauxite, Tins Exports

... surprised if I stop exporting bauxite, copper, tins, or what we ...
Business 23 Aug 2022 | 18:09 WIB

Indonesia Increasingly Gets Recognition in Global Leadership: Jokowi

... the downstream industry of our bauxite, copper, and lead," Jokowi told ...
News 16 Aug 2022 | 14:29 WIB

Jokowi Says 19x Increase in Steel Exports Justifies More Downstream Projects

... also encourage downstream industry for bauxite, copper, and tin," he said ...
Business 16 Aug 2022 | 14:28 WIB

Kalimantan’s Biggest Container Terminal Begins Operations

... commodities like crude palm oil, bauxite, and alumina to domestic and ...
Business 9 Aug 2022 | 17:12 WIB

US Investors, Feel Free to Invest in Indonesia

... goods, such as copper and bauxite for aluminums, which will serve ...
Business 13 Mei 2022 | 15:23 WIB

Indonesia Won’t Budge on Ore Export Ban, Jokowi Says 'Let Them Sue'

... ] that we will stop exporting bauxite this year. So we will ...
Business 11 Mar 2022 | 17:36 WIB

Raw Material Exports Have Gone On Too Long: Jokowi

... its plans to stop exporting bauxite and copper ores. “And this ...
Business 17 Jan 2022 | 19:19 WIB

Indonesia’s Electric Vehicle Ambition Angers Japan: Minister

... developing the downstream industry for bauxite in Bintan Island to begin ...
Tech 7 Sep 2020 | 20:43 WIB