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Jokowi's Pre-Employment Card to Include Offline Courses: Minister

... of the criticism, Adamas Belva Syah Devara, the co-founder and director ...
Business Apr 27, 2020 | 2:19 pm

Another One of Jokowi's Millennial Advisors Resigns Over Conflict of Interest

... resignation came only days after Belva Devara, another one of Jokowi's ... a conflict of interest scandal. Belva came under fire after his ... the scandals involving Andi and Belva. "Let's be realistic. These ...
News Apr 24, 2020 | 5:44 pm

Doubts Over KPK's Willingness to Investigate Irregularities in Covid-19 Mitigation Budget

... 's often-lampooned millennial advisors. Belva Devara's resignation over the pre ...
News Apr 23, 2020 | 1:01 am

Jokowi's Millennial Advisor Resigns Over Pre-Employment Card Scandal

... employment card program. Adamas Belva Syah Devara, the co-founder and ... submitting a resignation letter. Belva said the selection process for ... a conflict of interests," Belva wrote in the letter. ... Pramono Anung has confirmed Belva's resignation. He said ...
News Apr 22, 2020 | 4:27 am

Millennials Could Play Key Role in Curbing Spread of Covid-19

... and Ruangguru founder, Adamas Belva Syah Devara, said millennials could play a ... and 29 years old," Belva said in a video conference ... 49 years old. According to Belva, young people are more ... or grandparents," he said. Belva also said that since millennials ...
Lifestyle Mar 24, 2020 | 3:45 am

Ruangguru Offers Free Live Classes During School Shutdown

... closed," Ruangguru founder and director Belva Devara said in Jakarta on Monday ... . This has never happened before," Belva said. He said the Ruangguru ...
Tech Mar 16, 2020 | 10:30 pm

Cities Turn to Online Learning to Prevent Covid-19 Spreading Among Students

... p.m. every day, said Belva Devara, Ruangguru's co-founder and ... , disrupting students' learning activities," said Belva, who is also one of ...
News Mar 15, 2020 | 3:34 pm

Ruangguru Launches Four New Innovations for 2020

... months. However, co-founder Belva Devara said Ruangguru would stick to ... their exam preparations earlier," Belva said at the launch ... knowledge, teamwork and motivation. Belva said Ruangguru collaborated with several ... for the real ones. Belva said there had been ...
Business Jan 4, 2020 | 12:46 am