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11 Bodies Recovered after Marapi Eruption, and 12 Climbers Still Missing

... three others Monday morning. “The evacuation process of the bodies and ...
News 19 hours ago

Philippines Opens Monitoring Base on Remote Island in Disputed South China Sea

... school, gymnasium and even an evacuation center in times of typhoons ...
News Dec 1, 2023 | 11:09 pm

127 Malaysians, Suspected Victims of Job Scams, Rescued from Myanmar Fighting

... the rescue operation and their evacuation couldn't be released yet ...
News Nov 28, 2023 | 4:34 pm

Two Light Attack Aircraft with Four Personnel Onboard Crash in East Java

... onboard remains unknown pending the evacuation process. Residents living on the ...
News Nov 16, 2023 | 2:20 pm

Palestine’s Abbas to Send Message to Biden via Jokowi ​​​​

... Finally Leaves Gaza After Tough Evacuation Process
News Nov 13, 2023 | 11:22 am

Indonesian Family Finally Leaves Gaza After Tough Evacuation Process

... family’s names on the evacuation list of people permitted to ...
News Nov 12, 2023 | 9:55 pm

Indonesian Family Remains Trapped in Gaza

... this crossing was shut. No evacuation process had also taken place ... impossible to carry out an evacuation,” Retno said in a video ...
News Nov 6, 2023 | 11:59 am

Indonesian Family Flees Gaza, Another Still Trapped ​​​​

... had to go through multiple evacuation attempts before they could finally ... incredibly not conducive for the evacuation. … We tried again to evacuate ... so. … We made the third evacuation attempt on [Thursday] afternoon. Praise ...
News Nov 3, 2023 | 12:12 pm

After Weeks in Besieged Gaza, Some Foreign Nationals and Wounded Palestinians Are Allowed to Leave

... from northern Gaza following Israeli evacuation orders, but hundreds of thousands ...
News Nov 2, 2023 | 9:58 am

Indonesia to Evacuate 7 Citizens from Gaza

... who have local spouses. “The evacuation process will possibly start today ... . “To prepare for a possible evacuation, we have deployed our team ... Affairs Ministry, said that the evacuation process would uphold the citizens ...
News Nov 1, 2023 | 8:16 pm

Time for World to Stop Israel-Hamas Conflict Escalation: Jokowi Tells Saudi PM

... issued repeated orders for the evacuation of 22 hospitals treating over ... , Foreign Minister Retno called the evacuation orders “inhumane and contrary to ...
News Oct 20, 2023 | 11:52 am

Israel-Hamas War: Four Indonesian Evacuees Arrive in Jakarta

... Red Cross (ICRC), to discuss evacuation efforts. Retno on Monday also ...
News Oct 16, 2023 | 3:49 pm

Palestinians in Gaza: Stay Home Under Airstrikes, Or Flee Under Airstrikes?

... in southern Gaza, after the evacuation order, but couldn’t fit ... about the Israeli army's evacuation ultimatum from an Associated Press ...
News Oct 14, 2023 | 2:43 pm

Israel Orders Unprecedented Evacuation of 1 Million in Gaza 

... in their homes. The evacuation order, which includes Gaza ... human shields. A mass evacuation of civilians, if carried ... impossible to stage such an evacuation without “devastating humanitarian consequences.” ... lies with them.” The evacuation orders were taken as ...
News Oct 13, 2023 | 5:45 pm

Only 4 Indonesians Want to be Evacuated from Palestine, Israel

... is currently preparing the evacuation processes for its citizens as ... rages on. However, the evacuation all comes down to the ... we are currently preparing the evacuation process,” the diplomat said. ... is why it [the evacuation process] is the most challenging ...
News Oct 13, 2023 | 1:24 pm

Indonesia to Evacuate Citizens from Gaza as Israel-Hamas War Worsens

... Foreign Affairs Ministry. Jakarta's evacuation contingency plan also takes into ... a contingency plan for the evacuation of Indonesian citizens with several ...
News Oct 10, 2023 | 10:38 am

Thousands of Armenians Flee Nagorno-Karabakh as Erdogan Visits Azerbaijan

... Nagorno-Karabakh were assisting the evacuation. Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry said ...
News Sep 25, 2023 | 6:37 pm

Niger Crisis Deepens as European Nations Evacuate 

... , in the first such evacuation flight since mutinous soldiers ousted ... officials hope to finish the evacuation flights by Wednesday. With ... its decision to offer evacuation flights to its citizens ... waiting to leave on French evacuation flights. A former French ...
News Aug 2, 2023 | 11:09 am

Small Plane with 6 People Onboard Crashes in Papua, Little Hope for Survivors

... by the SAR team but evacuation cannot immediately be carried out ... to the foggy environment. The evacuation will resume tomorrow,” he said ...
News Jun 23, 2023 | 5:38 pm

North Korea's 1st Spy Satellite Ends in Failure

... Korean launch had prompted brief evacuation orders in South Korea and ... telling residents to prepare for evacuation. But there were no reports ... later lifted the calls for evacuation. A top North Korean official ...
News May 31, 2023 | 8:36 am

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