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Mental Health Treatment Paramount for Children of Foreign Terrorist Fighters

... of ex-Islamic State fighters from refugee camps in ... Indonesian children of ex-IS fighters to return home, the ... reintegrating the children of IS fighters into society. This is ... way Australia handled their FTFs [foreign terrorist fighters] and was told that ...
News Feb 17, 2020 | 9:54 pm

Indonesia Uses CIA Data to Identify Ex-IS Fighters

... the Islamic State in foreign countries. Indonesia has refused ... 185 Indonesians of former IS fighters. “But they declined ... asked about the FTFs (foreign terrorist fighters) and was told that ... said the former IS fighters have automatically lost their ...
News Feb 15, 2020 | 5:56 pm

Indonesia Refuses to Repatriate Former Islamic State Fighters

... million Indonesian people from terrorist threats and new viruses ... If we allow the FTFs [foreign terrorist fighters] to return, they may become ... the return of former IS fighters. "We the Nahdlatul ... Islamic State as a terrorist organization, not a sovereign ...
News Feb 12, 2020 | 5:45 am

Opposition Grows to Repatriation of Former IS Fighters

... former Islamic State fighters now living in foreign countries. Even chief ... return of the so-called foreign terrorist fighters, or FTFs. However, Mahfud ... first, if the former fighters are allowed to return home ... not allow former IS fighters who had burned their ...
News Feb 7, 2020 | 2:18 am

What to Do With Indonesia's Foreign Terrorist Fighters?

... to bring home 660 Indonesian foreign terrorist fighters now stranded in several overseas ... skills training to help the terrorist convicts become economically independent once ... public should avoid "stigmatizing" these terrorist convicts to help them reintegrate ...
News Jan 21, 2020 | 7:45 pm