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Indonesia Reports Declining Palm Oil Exports to China, India

... Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki) said that while the overall ... previous month. According to Gapki, Indonesia only exported 781, ... Sardjono, the executive director at Gapki, said in a statement. ... million tons in volume. Gapki reported palm oil exports ...
Business Nov 21, 2023 | 10:51 pm

India and Pakistan's Growing Reliance on Indonesian CPO Sparks Concerns

... Indonesian Palm Oil Business Association (Gapki), predicts that palm oil prices ... CPO prices. Eddy said that Gapki's sales target in China ...
Business Nov 4, 2023 | 9:13 am

Indonesia, Malaysia Seek to Counter Negative Perception of Palm Oil in India

... Indonesian Palm Oil in 2024: Gapki Shatadru Chattopadhayay, Managing Director of ...
Business Sep 28, 2023 | 11:17 pm

China to Import More Indonesian Palm Oil in 2024: Gapki

... Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki) reported that China only bought ... post-pandemic economic recovery. Gapki data shows that China used ... oil imports. According to Gapki, Indonesia’s palm oil ... same period in 2022. Gapki attributed the declining exports to ...
Business Aug 21, 2023 | 8:17 pm

Gov’t Reimposes Export Duty after CPO Prices Rebound

... data from the industry association Gapki. Palm oil export volume throughout ...
Business Jul 15, 2023 | 6:28 pm

Indonesia to Reroute Palm Oil Export to Africa Following EUDR

... billion. According to industry association Gapki, Indonesia’s exports of palm ...
Business Jun 24, 2023 | 1:27 am

Indonesia’s Palm Oil Export Down 19.2 Pct in April

... month, according to industry association Gapki. Data showed that Indonesia’s ... palm oil exports,” a recent Gapki press statement reads. Indonesia ... 33.9 million tons. Gapki’s April report also revealed ... in the past 11 months,” Gapki said. Domestic palm oil ...
Business Jun 16, 2023 | 9:34 am

Palm Oil Exporter Indonesia Concerned by EU’s Deforestation Law

... the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki). Read More: $100b Climate Finance ...
Business May 22, 2023 | 11:50 am

EU Adopts Law Banning Products which Fuel Deforestation

... EU’s Palm Oil Market: Gapki
Business May 16, 2023 | 5:59 pm

Indonesia’s Palm Oil Export to China, Bangladesh on Rise

... . The Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki) recently revealed that the country ... the Netherlands,” the newly elected Gapki chairman Eddy Martono told reporters ... the next month, according to Gapki. Last year, Indonesia produced 46 ... EU’s Palm Oil Market: Gapki
Business Apr 15, 2023 | 1:53 pm

B35 to Spur 2 Million-Ton Increase in Domestic Palm Oil Demand

... EU’s Palm Oil Market: Gapki The B35 mandate came into ...
Business Feb 19, 2023 | 10:14 pm

Astra Agro Looks Back on Past CPO Export Ban’s Lasting Impact

... EU’s Palm Oil Market: Gapki Most Indonesian Palm Oil Companies ...
Business Feb 18, 2023 | 8:35 am

Gov't Edible Oil Brand in Great Demand but Supplies Drop Sharply

... , Production to Drop in 2023: Gapki Sukandi used to get 10 ...
Business Feb 3, 2023 | 8:24 pm

Indonesia Should Not Fear Losing EU’s Palm Oil Market: Gapki

... Indonesian Palm Oil Association or Gapki. “Palm oil industry will ... will just keep growing,” Gapki chairman Joko Supriyono told reporters ... period in 2021. The Gapki export data encompassed crude palm ... Malaysia’s ban plan, the Gapki chairman said, “Indonesia and ...
Business Jan 25, 2023 | 10:00 pm

Most Indonesian Palm Oil Companies Can Meet EU Criteria: Ambassador

... the Indonesian Palm Oil Associoation (GAPKI). Piket said to make the ...
Business Dec 13, 2022 | 10:30 am

Palm Oil Prices, Production to Drop in 2023: Gapki

... Palm Oil Association or Gapki has projected that palm ... next year. According to Gapki foreign affairs head Fadhil Hasan ... said. Declining Production Growth Gapki revealed production growth had been ... benefits," he told reporters. Gapki reported a shift in the ...
Business Nov 5, 2022 | 8:03 am

Government Warned against Banning Palm Oil Exports

... to Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki) chairman Joko Supriyono. The ban ... 2022 IPOC. At the conference, Gapki said that weakening purchasing power ...
Business Nov 3, 2022 | 1:45 pm

China Agrees to Increase CPO Imports from Indonesia

... . The Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki) said earlier that Indonesia faces ... unsold CPO early this month, Gapki said, nearing the total capacity ...
Business Jul 27, 2022 | 9:34 am

Zero Export Levies Give Second Wind for Palm Oil Producers

... the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI), the national stock of crude ...
Business Jul 19, 2022 | 2:14 am

Export Ban Only Affects Cooking Oil Raw Material Until Domestic Price Falls Below $1 A Liter

... the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki) data, RBD palm olein export ...
Business Apr 27, 2022 | 4:00 pm

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