Tuesday, May 30, 2023


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2023 Muffest+: APR Shines Spotlight on Sustainable Modest Fashion

... , BT Batik Trusmi, Gajah Duduk, Geulis, IDE Indonesia, and Inen Signature ... sustainable at the same time. Geulis, which literally translates into "beautiful ... ", stayed true to its name. Geulis brought out the Candramaya that ...
Special Updates Mar 9, 2023 | 9:50 am

Viscose and More Viscose: Revisiting APR x JFW Collaboration

... —BT Batik Trusmi, Everyday, Geulis, FREDERIKA, Oline Workrobe— got ... Unlike the other four, Geulis was challenged to use APR ... is packed with layerings. Geulis also presented three new looks ... wear looks for our Geulis women,” Geulis marketing head Markus Happy ...
Special Updates Nov 14, 2022 | 11:05 am

‘I Love Viscose’ at Jakarta Fashion Week 2023

... BT Batik Trusmi, Everyday, Frederika, Geulis, and Olin Workrobe. As part ... inseparable from sustainable fashion. Geulis kicks off the "I ... fashion show kicked off with Geulis. Bright colors such as ... touch of floral patterns. Geulis also introduced three new and ...
Special Updates Nov 1, 2022 | 11:45 am

A Look at Sustainable Modest Fashion

... a Japanese-inspired collection, “Haru”. Geulis’ spokesman Markus Happy Ganesha noted ... said. Japanese flower patterns adorn Geulis' collection. (Photo Courtesy of Muffest ... Arrumaisha. (From left to right) Geulis’ spokesman Markus Happy Ganesha, Salt ...
Special Updates Mar 28, 2021 | 11:53 am