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Argentina, Peru, Chile Potential Partners for Indonesia’s EV Ambition

... depending on the domestic reserves, Indonesia's EV manufacturing ... its domestic natural resource reserves in a more prudent, ... The world’s largest nickel reserves belong to Indonesia and Australia ... holder of contained copper reserves, with around 190 million ...
Business Sep 18, 2023 | 6:57 pm

China, Japan, Korea Pledge Support for ASEAN’s EV Ecosystem

... the Philippines are abundant in nickel, a main ingredient in EV ... has the world’s most nickel reserves, amounting to 21 million metric ... .8 million metric tons in nickel reserves. The government over the weekend ...
Business Sep 8, 2023 | 1:20 pm

W. Australia Offers to Make Indonesia’s EV Battery Dream Come True ​​​​​​​

... with the world’s largest nickel reserves, standing at 21 million ... tons, respectively. Indonesia’s nickel mines produced 1.6 million ... also a major exporter of nickel, cobalt, manganese, and rare ... shows that Australia's lithium reserves totaled 6.2 million ...
News Sep 3, 2023 | 5:49 pm

Luhut to Meet Tesla Boss Elon Musk Next Month

... s investment in Indonesia. Nickel-rich Indonesia has been ... worth $5 billion with nickel processing companies operating out ... progress. Indonesia’s nickel ore reserves stand at 21 million ... with the world’s largest nickel reserves. Indonesia last year produced ...
Business Jul 24, 2023 | 7:29 pm

Kadin, Western Australia Ink Action Plan on Critical Minerals

... also a major exporter of nickel, cobalt, manganese, and rare earths ... to the world’s largest nickel reserves, which stand at 21 million ... shows that Australia’s lithium reserves stand at 6.2 million ...
Business Jul 4, 2023 | 11:52 am

Indonesia in Talks with 3 Unnamed Countries for Opec-Like Nickel Cartel

... progress of the Opec-style nickel group. The minister, however, ... world’s largest nickel reserves. Both countries’ nickel reserves amount to 21 ... year had proposed the nickel cartel to Canadian International ... shows that Canada’s nickel reserves stand at 2.2 ...
News Jun 30, 2023 | 11:26 pm

Electric Car Makers Race for Supplies of Lithium for Batteries

... ) of lithium, plus cobalt, nickel and other metals. “There will ... of lithium, cobalt and nickel by requiring miners to invest ... 5 million tons of known reserves and the United States ... materials” including lithium, cobalt and nickel. The German chancellor, Olaf ...
Tech Jun 28, 2023 | 12:05 pm

Amman’s Copper Smelter to Finish Construction by Mid-2024

... on the smelters, be it nickel, copper, bauxite, or tin, this ... 24 million tons of copper reserves. The country mined around 920 ...
Business Jun 20, 2023 | 7:50 pm

Tire Cord Fabric Firm Indo Kordsa Eyes Indonesia’s EV Industry

... place since it owns the nickel used in EV batteries,” ... incentives to spur EV adoption. Nickel is a mainstay for batteries ... banned the export of unprocessed nickel ores. According to the ... has the world’s largest nickel reserves totaling 21 million metric tons ...
Business Jun 9, 2023 | 8:51 am

Looming Bauxite Export Ban Not Well-Thought-Out: Think Tank

... countries with the largest bauxite reserves, Indonesia —which ranks sixth ... ore. Indonesia’s bauxite reserves stand at 1 billion dry ... list of the largest bauxite reserves],” Andry said. According to ... to the world’s largest nickel reserves standing at 21 million ...
Business Jun 1, 2023 | 12:39 pm

Indonesia Proposes OPEC-Like Group for Nickel at G7 Summit

... natural resources domestically?” Jokowi said. Nickel is critical for the production ... the world’s largest nickel reserves. Both countries’ nickel reserves total 21 million metric ... shows although Indonesia has substantial nickel reserves, the country is not a ...
Business May 20, 2023 | 10:51 pm

ASEAN Members Say Yes to Regional EV Ecosystem

... percent of the world’s nickel ore reserves. “Indonesia and the ... position in the global nickel ore reserves. This gives a strong ... 21 million metric tons of nickel reserves, with its mine production ... 8 million metric tons of nickel ore reserves. Last year, the ...
News Apr 5, 2023 | 3:18 pm

Indonesia’s Downstream Industry Plan Needs $545.3b Till 2040

... encompass 21 commodities ranging from nickel, tin, and rubber to palm ... world’s second-largest tin reserves, totaling 2.2 million tons ... may rank second in tin reserves. But we still haven’t ...
Business Mar 29, 2023 | 3:51 pm

Gov't Hints at European EV Investment in Indonesia

... has the world’s largest nickel reserves which total 21 million metric ... . In 2022, Indonesia’s nickel production reached 1.6 million ... banned the export of unprocessed nickel ores and is now ... and steel. Government data showed nickel downstream exports stood at $ ...
Business Mar 28, 2023 | 10:46 am

Merdeka Battery to Manage One of World’s Biggest Nickel Mines

... one of the biggest nickel reserves in the world. “ ... one of the biggest nickel deposits in the world,” ... 1 billion tons of nickel ore deposits. It also ... Indonesia, and Zhao Hui Nickel which run smelters to ... process nickel ores. Furthermore, Merdeka ...
Business Mar 12, 2023 | 7:29 pm

Kalimantan Industrial Park to Produce EV Batteries, Petrochemical

... . Indonesia is also the largest nickel producer in the world. Both ... the potential of Indonesia’s nickel reserves and large workforce,” Arsjad was ... one million metric tons of nickel in 2021.
Business Feb 28, 2023 | 8:57 pm

ASEAN Countries in Talks for Regional EV Ecosystem

... percent of the world’s reserves of nickel – a critical component of ...
Business Feb 6, 2023 | 8:59 pm

State Banks Pledge to Support Indonesia’s Industrial Downstreaming

... has banned exports of unprocessed nickel ores —a critical component for ... grows selectively by making adequate reserves to anticipate any downturn due ... the various challenges ahead with reserves. We have proven that the ...
Special Updates Jan 18, 2023 | 10:41 am

Antam’s Subsidiaries to Work on EV Battery Ecosystem

... industry, as they have adequate reserves of nickel ore — a critical component ...
Business Jan 10, 2023 | 8:27 pm

Indonesia to Ban Bauxite Exports in June 2023

... has implemented a ban on nickel ore exports since January 1 ... noted that the value of nickel exports, which were only Rp ... 19 times. The value of nickel exports is expected to exceed ... .75 percent of the global reserves, and the 7th largest in ...
Business Dec 21, 2022 | 1:16 pm