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Waste of Talent: Ousted KPK Investigators Turn to Food Business

... when former top KPK investigator Novel Baswedan paid a visit to his ... ’s just very delicious,” Novel said after finishing a plate ... it was politically motivated. Novel became a victim of an ... 2019 law on KPK. However, Novel and several other senior investigators ...
News Oct 12, 2021 | 12:50 am

KPK to Dismiss 56 Employees Including Top Investigator Novel Baswedan

... renowned investigators such as Novel Baswedan. Those employees will be ... nationalism test. On Tuesday, Novel claimed that several colleagues ... roles in the attack. Novel Baswedan arrives at Jakarta Police ... in 2019. However, Novel and several other senior ...
News Sep 16, 2021 | 11:05 am

Jakarta Nears Herd Immunity as Half of Its Population Have Had Covid-19: Survey

... for SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that caused the pneumonia ... . Herd Immunity Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said that with close to ...
News Jul 11, 2021 | 10:18 am

Disqualified KPK Employees Drop Legal Motion at Constitutional Court

... the test, including top investigator Novel Baswedan and KPK union leader Yudi ... but it remains unclear if Novel and Yudi are among them ...
News Jun 22, 2021 | 3:59 pm

Over 1,200 KPK Employees Installed as Civil Servants amid Opposition

... test, including top investigator Novel Baswedan and KPK union leader Yudi ... Purnomo. Novel has earned reputation for handling ... criminal charges on him, Novel decided to resign from ... . Apart from Yudi and Novel, other top investigators failing ...
News Jun 1, 2021 | 7:46 pm

KPK Leaders, Union in Row over Nationalism Test

... that Yudi and senior investigator Novel Baswedan are among those failing to ... ,” Firli wrote. Top KPK investigator Novel Baswedan said separately he was informed ... information I received,” he said. Novel, who has led investigations into ...
News May 5, 2021 | 10:30 pm

AGO Asked to Explain Light Sentence Demanded in Novel Baswedan's Acid Attack Trial

... attack on anti-corruption investigator Novel Baswedan back in 2017. On June ... which caused severe injury to Novel's left eye. The attackers ... disappointed that the prosecutors in Novel's case seem to ... Basari, said the prosecution in Novel's case has been " ...
News Jun 29, 2020 | 10:02 pm

Novel Baswedan Reveals Irregularities in Acid Attack Trial

... . Anti-corruption investigator Novel Baswedan said on Monday he ... the investigation and trial," Novel said on Monday. On ... that causes severe injury." Novel complained of irregularities during ... trial that never happened," Novel said. Asfinawati, the chairwoman ...
News Jun 15, 2020 | 8:58 pm

Total War on Coronavirus

... not just another virus. The novel coronavirus or Sars-CoV-2 ... until Thursday. Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said he had requested a ... what was then called the novel coronavirus with a fellow doctor ...
News Apr 3, 2020 | 9:09 pm

Jakarta Reviews Formula E Plans in Wake of Covid-19 Outbreak

... has asked current governor Anies Baswedan to review the plan for ... in respect to the continuing novel coronavirus outbreak. According to Sandiaga ...
News Mar 9, 2020 | 3:22 pm

At Least 48 People Under Observation in Indonesia After Coming Into Contact With Covid-19 Patients

... have been infected with the novel coronavirus on Monday. Anung ... to have contracted the novel coronavirus. The minister said ... had been infected with the novel coronavirus," Terawan said. ... virus. Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan announced he was already working ...
News Mar 2, 2020 | 10:44 pm

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