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Gov’t Says Health Bill Promotes Equal Access to Health Services

... the community level such as Puskesmas (public health center) and Posyandu ...
News May 17, 2023 | 11:15 pm

Doctors on Alert After Three Children in Jakarta Died of Acute Hepatitis

... facilities, namely public health centers (puskesmas), integrated health centers (posyandu), clinics ...
News May 3, 2022 | 6:53 pm

Educating Vulnerable Groups on Stunting Crucial to its Prevention

... wh visit community health facilities (puskesmas) amid the Covid-19 pandemic ... for them to visit the puskesmas. To this end, Adib hopes ... for a revitalization in the puskesmas’ role. “Puskesmas is the regional manager ...
Special Updates Dec 2, 2021 | 10:49 am

Jokowi Introduces Expansive 2022 Budget Bill, Promises Reform to Overcome Prolonged Pandemic, Uneven Global Recovery

... the primary care units, or Puskesmas. The government would also allocate ...
Business Aug 17, 2021 | 10:43 am

Chicken Swap: W. Java District Offers Unique Vaccination Deal to Reluctant Elderly

... from a public health center (Puskesmas) in the Pacet subdistrict in ... to be vaccinated at the Puskesmas," Adjutant Chief Comr. Galih Apria ...
Vision Jun 24, 2021 | 10:02 am

Bus Carrying Students Plunges into Ravine in West Java, Killing 22

... local public health center, or Puskesmas, said the bus carried 58 ...
News Mar 11, 2021 | 2:08 am

Medical Workers Get Covid after Receiving Two Doses of Vaccine 

... positive for Covid-19 at Puskesmas [public health center] Jombang,” Deden ...
News Feb 24, 2021 | 10:51 pm

Gov't to Copy India Strategy Using Rapid Antigen Test for Covid-19 Confirmation

... kits to community health centers (Puskesmas) across the country. The minister ...
News Feb 10, 2021 | 11:02 am

West Sulawesi Earthquake Kills at Least 21

... houses, a community health center (Puskesmas), and a military command office ...
News Jan 15, 2021 | 1:35 pm

Medical Workers in Jakarta Get Their First Covid-19 Vaccine Jab

... at the community health center Puskesmas Cilandak in Jakarta already ... -19 vaccine vial at Puskesmas Cilandak in South Jakarta ... syringe during his vaccination at Puskesmas Cilandak in South Jakarta ... injects the vaccine at Puskesmas Cilandak in South Jakarta ...
Vision Jan 14, 2021 | 11:23 am

Indonesia Begins Distributing 3 Million Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine 

... ,000 public health centers or Puskesmas, 2,500 hospitals and 49 ...
News Jan 3, 2021 | 6:52 pm

School Reopening to Strain Indonesia's Hospitals Further: WHO

... closed four community health centers (Puskesmas) in the city for three ... after 27 medical personnel, and Puskesmas employees tested positive for the ...
News Aug 13, 2020 | 1:06 pm

Indonesia Keeps Deficit High in 2021 as Covid-19 Uncertainties Persist

... schools and community health centers (Puskesmas) with a reliable internet connection ...
Business Jul 29, 2020 | 1:14 pm

Improved Covid-19 Testing Capacity Leads to Spike in Cases

... the community level known as Puskesmas. Previously, Covid-19 testing at ... come from specimens taken from Puskesmas and the health departments at ...
News Jun 12, 2020 | 5:47 am

Immunization Should Continue Amid Pandemic: Health Ministry

... provided by community health centers (Puskesmas) and integrated healthcare and family ... services. Meanwhile, 32 percent of Puskesmas have closed, and 68 percent ... distancing guidelines. "Immunization services in Puskesmas, Posyandu and from mobile health ...
News Jun 2, 2020 | 10:06 pm

West Java Launches Mobile Health Service for Children and Pregnant Women

... from the Health Unit and Puskesmas [Community Health Center]," Atalia said ...
News Apr 30, 2020 | 10:22 pm

What Covid-19 Teaches Us About the Next Pandemic

... upgrading our community healthcare centers (Puskesmas) and laboratories. The Covid-19 ...
Opinion Apr 16, 2020 | 7:29 pm

Health Ministry, Nutrition International Pave Way in Fight Against Stunting

... services at community health centers (Puskesmas) and integrated healthcare and family ... (Posyandu). "Nutrition International improved the Puskesmas' system planning and management so ...
News Jan 15, 2020 | 2:00 am

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