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Powerful Earthquake Kills Hundreds in Morocco

... efforts. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake had a ... ’s surface, while Morocco’s seismic agency put it at 8 ... . Lahcen Mhanni, Head of the Seismic Monitoring and Warning Department at ...
News Sep 9, 2023 | 12:40 pm

Savu's Cetaceans Strandings: The Jury Is Still Out

... ministry, his office provides seismic survey services, conducts marine geological ... geological mapping and seismic surveys. "Implementing a seismic survey is more complicated ... the north-south seismic survey trajectory. The seismic survey ship is now ...
News Sep 11, 2022 | 11:55 am

Better Marine Coordination Needed to Minimize Cetaceans Stranding

... communication methods." Susilo said, "and seismic survey methods affect these acoustic-based ... Resources does not possess detailed seismic survey data from several companies. On ... we have." (click to enlarge) Seismic Survey and Stranding Occurrence Danielle Kreb ...
News Sep 10, 2022 | 10:33 pm

Noise Pollution Turns Savu Sea More Treacherous for Whale Migration

... factors in whales' migration disruption: seismic survey activities and submarines passing through ... three MMOs are onboard the seismic survey vessel. The three are divided ... the data confidentiality of the seismic survey conducted by many companies." The ...
News Sep 9, 2022 | 11:30 pm

Pertamina Confident of Producing 700,000 bpd in 2026

... conducting the seismic survey. We have just completed a 2D seismic survey for an ... basins. This is the longest survey ever conducted in Southeast Asia ... hope that with this 2D seismic survey — and, thank God, we get ...
Business Dec 11, 2020 | 10:30 am

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