Defense Diplomacy Essential for World Peace: Chief Security Minister

Chief Security Minister Wiranto speaks during the 2018 Indonesia International Defense Science Seminar (IIDSS) Kemayoran, Central Jakarta on Wednesday (11/07). (Indonesia Defense University/Amar Muchaqqi)

By : Sheany | on 2:33 PM July 12, 2018
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Jakarta. Chief Security Minister Wiranto has encouraged international unity and cooperation in addressing complex strategic issues across the globe, as he highlighted the role of defense diplomacy to achieve world peace.

"If we look into the picture of our strategic environment today, we can find two defining phrases of the current world we live in: highly uncertain strategic environment and threat complexity," Wiranto said during his keynote speech at the 2018 Indonesia International Defense Science Seminar (IIDSS) organized by the Indonesian Defense University (Unhan) in Jakarta on Wednesday (11/07).

The threats, according to the minister, include terrorism, transnational organized crime and cybercrime, while the cooperation envisioned by him includes especially intelligence sharing.

"This cooperation can be manifested through the sharing of information, knowledge and technology, transferring best practices, joint exercises and also joint operations to overcome the threats," Wiranto said, giving as examples the "Our Eyes" intelligence-sharing initiative involving Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, and the Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines joint sea patrols.

According to Wiranto, defense diplomacy is key to achieving peace amid geopolitical rivalry of major powers. He said that this type of diplomacy makes use of existing defense resources through diplomatic avenues for various peaceful purposes.

On its second year, IIDSS is attended by around 1,000 participants.

The two-day seminar takes place in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, and features dozens of local and foreign speakers covering topics such as global diplomacy on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and media and information warfare.

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