Indonesia Condemns Missile Attack Against Saudi Arabia

On Nov. 4 a ballistic missile fired from Yemen came close to the Saudi capital, Riyadh. (Reuters Photo/Faisal Al Nasser)

By : Telly Nathalia | on 2:50 PM November 11, 2017
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Jakarta. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday (11/11) condemned last week's missile attack against Saudi Arabia, saying the act was a threat to regional stability.

"Indonesia condemns all actions that violate the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries. ... The missile attack on Nov. 4, which targeted the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was a threat to stability, peace and security in the region an beyond," the ministry said in a statement.

A ballistic missile Burqan H2 fired from Yemen came close to the Saudi capital, Riyadh, and was intercepted by the Saudi military.

Yemen's Houthi separatist group reportedly said its forces targeted Riyadh, but a US Air Force official said on Friday the missile was made in Iran. Houthis are believed to be supported by the Iranian government.

Iran has not commented on the incident.

Indonesia said it is necessary to start a peace process involving all parties entangled in Yemen's political and humanitarian crisis.

"Indonesia calls on all parties in Yemen to put aside differences and sit together for an inclusive peace process," the statement read.

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Yemen's Houthis over the last two and a half years have killed 10,000 people in thousands of Saudi-led air strikes.

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