DBS Lucky 88 for a Luckier You

Managing our finances is something that we need to know how to do, but unfortunately, we were never really taught how to do this in school or in college, despite its importance. (BeritaSatu Photo)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 6:31 PM January 05, 2018
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Jakarta. Managing our finances is something that we need to know how to do, but unfortunately, we were never really taught how to do this in school or in college, despite its importance. What happens is that we end up spending our money and investing our finances in ways that do not benefit us in the long run.

But we live in a time when information and options are abundant, there is no reason for us to feel so out-of-luck because with DBS, banking has never been more rewarding. With the DBS Lucky 88 program, customers will be able to save money without incurring any monthly fees and maintain their wealth portfolio by saving an amount of Rp 88 million ($6,556) within eight months. Customers will also receive a reward of Rp 2,5 million.

So what exactly is the Lucky 88 program?

1. A banking program that benefits you

Banks are always competing to gain customers, some might offer rewards for banking, others might be more lenient, and others might choose to forego administrative fees. There will always be some way that banks are trying to win your attention.

What you need to do as a customer is pretty simple, but finding the right program might take a little luck. The key is finding the program that is right for you, and right for your finances. In choosing your banking program, you would want to find a bank that is known for its security, and offers its customers plenty of benefits.

With DBS, monthly administrative fees are a thing of the past, enjoy the freedom that comes with banking with DBS. No longer will you have to worry about monthly fees bothering you whenever you check your account.

2. A banking program that’s convenient

When you’re searching for a banking program, keep in mind that some might provide offers that you didn’t even know you needed. Always keep an eye out for programs that would make your life easier, not harder. Convenience is usually unnecessary, but it certainly helps make things more efficient.

When time equals money, that makes efficiency a significant factor in our finances, some banks do provide this little convenience, whether it’s free withdrawals, free online transfers, or online banking. These are just a few benefits that come with joining, DBS Lucky 88 makes transactions easier and so convenient, you will feel like Lady Luck has taken your side.

3. Secure and integrated

It doesn’t take a financial analyst to understand that one of the pillars of good financial management is knowing where your money comes and goes, and making sure you earn more than you spend. Unfortunately, keeping track of our finances can be pretty tedious, and most of the time we’re just too busy to put in effort into managing our money.

With digibank mobile banking you can enjoy the luxuries of life without ever worrying about going to the ATM again. DBS employs state-of-the-art and secure mobile banking technologies to ensure the safety of your savings. Your transactions can be done from anywhere and at any time, which is another benefit you will get from joining the Lucky 88 program.

Everyone deserves an easy and convenient banking experience. DBS keeps your finances simple and secure, all the while giving you, the customer, the flexibility and freedom to manage your finances as you see fit. With the Lucky 88 program, customers will feel luckier everyday because they get to enjoy all the benefits that comes with joining us. Check this page  out for more information.

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