Guide to Make Your Home a Better Place to Live

You need to tidy up your home regularly, declutter the stuff you don't need, and review your choice of home appliances in order to live life better. (Photo courtesy of Panasonic Indonesia)

By : Jakarta Globe | on 12:46 PM July 27, 2017
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A fact that most people tend to overlook is that life begins at home. The state of your home contributes to your mood and health. How you feel at home determines how ready you are to start your daily activities.

It's essential to keep your home neat and comfortable, more importantly, if you work from home. Therefore, you need to do these things in your home sweet home if you want to live better:

1. Tidy Up Regularly

You may be proud of the dirty clothes piling up on that one chair or books lying on your bed, saying that "creative people have messy spaces." However, studies have pointed out that untidiness can have a bad impact on your psychological health. Research done by Darby E. Saxbe and Rena Repetti from the University of California Los Angeles said that women who described their homes as messy had higher levels of cortisol, which is one of the main stress hormones.

How many times have you found yourself getting annoyed by not having a comfortable place to sit on or failing to find the things you need under heaps of mess? That's a sign your mood is affected by the state of your home. It's better if you make time to tidy up every day than to let the chaos gets worse as time goes by.

2. Declutter Things You Don't Need

If you feel like you have too many things at home and they're starting to take space, it means that you have to review why you bought those in the first place and whether you still need them. Minimalism is one of the keys to making your life better because you're not haunted by the dusty stuff glaring at you demanding to be used.

Clear out your schedule this weekend to begin decluttering. Start by preparing some empty boxes. You can categorize things by what they are or where you want them to go.

If you prefer the latter, then you should definitely set stuff aside for charity. It's a pretty good way to set aside things you no longer need but may still be of use for others. Plus there's a good feeling every time you do something that benefits others, right?

3. Review Your Choice of Home Aappliances: Do They Have a Positive Impact on Your Life?

Technology, both gadgets and home appliances, can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It is not only the way you make use of it that determines its role in your life, but also its features. Don't only buy an electronic appliance based on the so-called "smart" features, but make sure that it is there to improve your life.

For example, Panasonic 's new innovations ensure energy efficiency, which means that you spend less money on electricity bills but your appliances still perform admirably.

The Econavi technology in washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators automatically detects and cuts down power that's not needed. The Econavi sensor in Panasonic's air-conditioner will detect your whereabouts and optimize its power during hot, humid days. Meanwhile, the same sensor in the washing machines will identify how much your laundry is. After that it will determine how much water is needed and optimize its usage.

Panasonic's washing machines are equipped with Econavi technology to optimize water usage and Active Foam System technology to help clean clothes more thoroughly. (Photo courtesy of Panasonic Indonesia) Panasonic's washing machines are equipped with Econavi technology to optimize water usage and Active Foam System technology to help clean clothes more thoroughly. (Photo courtesy of Panasonic Indonesia)

Panasonic also cares about your health and comfort. The AG Clean filter in its refrigerators will keep the unpleasant odors and bacterias away especially when you store vegetables and seafood. Moreover, when you wash your clothes, the Active Foam System technology will help your detergent clean more thoroughly. Better yet, the nanoparticles in Panasonic's series of air-conditioners will keep your skin hydrated, so you don't have to worry about dry skin after hours of being indoors.

Clearly, your choice of home appliances could contribute to your physical health, and eventually your happiness too. Now is the right time to get your Panasonic products because there is a promo called "Festival Rumah Impian" or ("Dream Home Festival") where you could win more appliances and even your dream home. Let's live life better with Panasonic.

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