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Jakarta is a sprawling metropolis and one of the most crowded cities in Southeast Asia with a population of 9.6 million people. In a city dense with people and cars, delivering goods and logistics in general presents unique challenges for companies in this business. (B1 Photo)

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Jakarta. Jakarta is a sprawling metropolis and one of the most crowded cities in Southeast Asia with a population of 9.6 million people. In a city dense with people and cars, delivering goods and logistics in general presents unique challenges for companies in this business.

Managing a logistics fleet in a city like Jakarta is neither an easy nor a cheap task, too often the units or the fleet might get caught in the hectic streets of Jakarta, wasting time and precious fuel.

Through its business division, Indosat Ooredoo Business, the company launched NEXTfleet, an integrated fleet management solution designed to minimize logistical complexity. NEXTfleet is the IoT (internet of things) solution to cutting down operational costs and increasing your productivity. Here’s what NEXTfleet can do for your business:

Reduce Operational Costs

In a big city like Jakarta, businesses face unforgiving traffic everyday, and in doing so, sometimes face losses. Increased expenses for gasoline, overtime for drivers, or unsatisfied customers due to tardiness may seem unavoidable at times, but there are solutions available to increase efficiency.

In order to increase effectiveness, choosing the best and quickest route is key in cutting down gasoline and maintenance expenses. Deliveries are made faster, leaving little room for customer dissatisfaction as well. "How do we do this in Jakarta?" you might ask, Google isn’t always reliable, and it doesn’t really have user friendly interfaces for logistic managers.

Part of their solution in simplifying logistics, NEXTfleet by Indosat Ooredoo Business features Multi Point Destination, providing the ability to perform distribution to multiple destinations, monitor position and track deliveries. The feature allows for customization as well, giving the manager full control of deliveries.

Choosing multiple destinations and the best routes with NEXTfleet allows the manager to find the path of least resistance and make more efficient deliveries. Choosing the fastest route can cut down fuel expenses, unit maintenance and increase customer satisfaction overall.

Increase Productivity

A common hurdle in distribution is the limited availability of units, although increasing the number of units available is always an option, it may not necessarily be the most economically viable nor the most efficient way of going about solving this challenge.

A solution brought by NEXTfleet is optimization, that is by maximizing gains through the units already available to owners and managers. The IoT solution brings logistics into the digital sphere, allowing business actors to accelerate growth and competitiveness with features that help monitor, secure and optimize production assets.

Being constantly connected to the fleet allows for a more “hands-on” management for the owner or manager of distributions, solving problems and providing instructions as it appears, effectively shaving time off communication gaps between manager and the fleet.

NEXTfleet features different user interfaces for three parties involved in the logistics distribution process, Three Personas for the fleet manager, the driver and the customer. These three user interfaces, or Three Personas, bring together an integrated process and creates an ease of communication for the three parties to collaborate and monitor the fleet in the delivery process.

Provide a Better Customer Experience

As said before, managing a fleet in Jakarta can prove to be a daunting task, businesses without the right tools or resources might face significant losses in hurdling Jakarta’s traffic. Eventually these losses might translate into customer dissatisfaction, losing faith in the brand and in the service.

Fortunately, customer dissatisfaction is something that can and should be avoided by every business owner. NEXTfleet aims to create ease and increase efficiency with their Three Personas, Multipoint Destination, Real-time tracking and customization.

Three Personas connects all parties involved in the delivery with a unique and intuitive interface for the fleet manager, driver and customer. Multipoint Destinations allows the fleet manager to input multiple destinations at once, giving the manager the option to choose the most efficient routes. Real-time tracking allows the fleet manager and the customer to keep track of their deliveries, ensuring their location during the distribution process. Meanwhile, additional customization features allows the customers to decide when they want to schedule their deliveries and track their progress in real-time.

All these features combined provide an almost seamless and integrated experience for all parties involved, the owner and manager can enjoy increased efficiency of their fleet, optimized to their full potential, drivers can easily contact their managers and get instructions on-the-go. Meanwhile, customers enjoy a customizable service to fit their schedule and track their deliveries in real-time.

Find out more about NEXTfleet and how you can accelerate your business by clicking here.

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