A student in Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH). (Photo Courtesy of SPH)

7 Ways to Transition Your Child to Life after Kindergarten

OCTOBER 25, 2021

Jakarta. The transition from kindergarten to primary school is a big step for any child. Many parents may be less aware of how important it is to prepare their child to enter this new phase. If you wonder how and what you should be doing to help your child transition smoothly into Grade 1, we got you covered. Here are seven ways that would walk you through this phase.

Consistent verbal reminders

A few months before your child enters primary school, prepare them by explaining the differences between primary school and kindergarten. For example, in the 1st grade, the teacher will no longer accompany him to the toilet, or they should be able to eat lunch independently. Try to repeat and emphasize these explanations on different occasions until your child can get them in memory. 

It's time you do it your own

As your child increasingly understands the requirements in primary school, start getting them to do things on their own. You can begin by training your child to go to the washroom independently, eat without assistance, and even put on their own clothes or shoes. It's best to start this habit much earlier and not a few months just before school opens. 

Pay a visit to the new school

Children will take time to adjust to unfamiliar environments, which is normal. We would urge you to take them to their new school to familiarize themselves, meet their teachers, and just have a good feeling about the surrounding environments. It helps when it's locked into their visual memory. Get your child more excited for school by getting them involved in school preparations. It can be the simplest of things like packing all the stuff they need in their bags. If you already have some materials on hand, no harm in letting them have a go at it early as well!  

Set a regular schedule

The schedule and learning hours of primary school are pretty different in comparison with kindergarten. Start them early with a routine schedule from waking up when they should be and go through the motion of preparing before school. It gets them going on a set timing and do this early, so it's much easier when the actual school day approaches! Besides the start of the daily schedule, it's also important that you look into the after-school schedule as well. You'll want to get a series of activities in before winding down for bed.

Stir curiosity with new learnings 

In Grade 1, your child will be introduced to many new forms of learning and concepts on a much broader scale. This is applied to all their core subjects in mathematics, vocabulary, reading, and writing. To get a head start, get them working on building their cognitive ability through educational play that stimulates learning further. Children who have a great curiosity will grow in their love for learning which is a solid foundation to work on before a journey into grade 1.

Building self-confidence

We'd love for our children to have courage and confidence in their new journey where you can work at it with them by simple praise and encouragement. This is exceptional when they're learning new concepts just before going into primary school.  Allow them to try new things and make a mistake or two, not intentional mistakes, of course!  If they do fumble, explain patiently and help them understand the errors. Children learn pretty quickly, so keep going but allow them to learn for themselves with you being the guide.

Work on communication

A child grows in their ability to communicate when they socialize with others. Set up playdates with their friends, and it'll help them with their communication. You can also have regular discussions on topics that they'll know how to respond to. Let them express themselves in those discussions. Able to communicate well also builds their confidence, especially when facing new friends in their new environment.

Sekolah Pelita Harapan's primary school ensures that every child who enters grade 1 goes through a smooth transition process. Grade 1 at SPH is an awesome place to kickstart your child's journey into primary school.   Grade 1 students in SPH are trained to learn the lesson's content and understand their whys and how it applies to their day-to-day activities.

Every child is special at SPH, and our teachers have a keen heart for children and a comprehensive understanding of the stages of child growth. Each child is a blessing, and we're ever ready to be a blessing to every child and parent.

Sekolah Pelita Harapan will hold a Grade 1 Trial Class for parents to have a firsthand experience of the learning process in grade 1.

Grade 1 Trial Class starts on 26 and 28 October, and it will be commenced both offline and online at all five SPH campuses in Lippo Village, Sentul City, Lippo Cikarang, Kemang Village, and Pluit Village.

Register your interest today at: sph.edu/g1trialclass/