A media conference on Plastic Reborn 3.0 on November 16, 2021. (Photo Courtesy of Coca-Cola Indonesia)

About 293 Tons PET Bottles Collected in Plastic Reborn 3.0


NOVEMBER 19, 2021

Jakarta. Plastic Reborn 3.0 —a plastic waste collection initiative by Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia— has collected about 293 tons of PET bottles in Lombok and Makassar. This amount equals more than 14 million PET bottles collected, a recent press conference revealed.

Plastic Reborn 3.0 seeks to empower local waste collectors and scavengers with technology for easier plastic collection. The initiative receives funding from the beverage giant’s global philanthropic arm The Coca-Cola Foundation. In charge of monitoring the archipelago is Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia.


According to Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia chief executive Triyono Prijosoesilo, Indonesia is the world’s second-largest contributor of ocean plastic debris.

Waste collection is also among the major hurdles that Indonesia faces in regards to recycling. National Plastic Action Partnership Indonesia data shows that the country generates 6.8 million plastic waste annually, of which 61 percent goes uncollected.

“[A robust] waste collection mostly takes place in major cities. This is because that is where the local government has the budget, funds, and infrastructure for waste management. Smaller cities and remote areas tend to lack a robust waste infrastructure, making plastic waste susceptible to leaking into the ocean,” Triyono told an online conference on Tuesday. 

This prompted Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia to launch Plastic Reborn 3.0 in Makassar and Lombok, whose waste infrastructures are still lacking.

“[We hope to promote] a robust waste management ecosystem based on a circular economy. We believe that a circular economy is part of the larger solution to manage plastic waste in Indonesia, which can even help pave the way for a better economy,” Triyono said.

Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia is not alone in running this program. It has teamed up with philanthropy Ancora Foundation, along with implementation partners Plastic Bank Indonesia (Lombok) and MallSampah (Makassar). 

“From January until September, we collected 293 tons of PET bottles. This equals more than 14 million PET bottles that are being returned to the circular economy system, so they won’t leak into the ocean,” Ancora Foundation executive director Ahmad Zakky Habibie said, while adding that the program has far exceeded its initial target of 120 tons PET bottles collected.

Plastic Reborn 3.0 thus far has empowered 436 collectors and scavengers with technology, which enables them to track the total collected post-consumer bottles and transactions, among others. Such technology is expected to further increase their collection rates.

The Plastic Reborn 3.0 initiative is part of Coca-Cola’s larger plan, dubbed as “World Without Waste”. The beverage producer aims to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle or can it sell globally by 2030.