Al-Azhar Islamic School Alumni Association holds a vaccination clinic for their teachers and elderly alumnae in South Jakarta on Apr. 10-11, 2021. (Photo Courtesy of ASIA)

Al-Azhar Teachers and Senior-Aged Alumni Receive Covid-19 Jabs


APRIL 12, 2021

Jakarta. Al-Azhar Islamic School Alumni Association, or ASIA, recently held a second-phase Covid-19 vaccine rollout for their teachers and elderly alumni.

As many as 1,200 teachers, retired teachers, senior-aged alumni, as well as the alumni's elderly parents received the Covid-19 jab. This was also the association's third time to hold the vaccination clinic. 

"We hope this vaccination can help the government in expediting the vaccine rollout for teachers and senior citizens. This helps ensure a fast and equitable vaccine distribution," ASIA supervisory board chairman Rudy Salahuddin said in a statement on Sunday.

Rudy also thanked ASIA and the foundation Yayasan Pesantren Islam Al-Azhar for their support.  

"The program also illustrates the alumni's contribution to their alma mater as well as ASIA's support towards the government in kicking off in-person learning," Rudy said.

The second-phase vaccination took place at the Al-Azhar school grounds in South Jakarta over the weekend. Throughout the day, recipients also took turns for their shot to avoid mass crowding. They also received a vaccination certificate signed by ASIA chairman A. Riza Patria.