Arif Mujahidin, the corporate communications director at fast-moving consumer goods giant Danone Indonesia. (Photo Courtesy of Danone Indonesia)

Arif Mujahidin among Indonesia's Most Influential PR Executives of 2022

JULY 31, 2022

Jakarta. Arif Mujahidin, the corporate communications director at fast-moving consumer goods giant Danone Indonesia, recently took home the award as one of the most influential public relations or PR executives of 2022 at MAW Talk.

According to MAW Talk chief executive officer and founder Asmoro Wikan, the award recognizes the most inspirational people in Indonesia’s PR industry. The awardees are regarded as role models who have made a positive impact on the country’s PR ecosystem. The judging panel for this award encompassed representatives from five well-established universities in Yogyakarta.


MIX magazine also recently named Arif Mujahidin as PR Practitioner of the Year 2022 based on a survey that saw participation from 50 national media reporters. Every year, MIX magazine awards the best PR practitioners of a wide range of companies and organizations. 

“This award becomes a source of pride for us because it symbolizes appreciation towards my performance and Danone Indonesia’s communications team who have done a great job in performing their duties,” Arif was quoted as saying in a recent press statement.

According to Arif, it also reflects Danone Indonesia’s contribution and success in carrying out the company’s goals and contributing to the Indonesian people, both business-wise and socially.

Arif Mujahidin is a seasoned PR practitioner in Indonesia’s FMCG industry. He has gained recognition for his high degree of professionalism as a company’s spokesperson, as well as in designing, leading, and executing the company’s PR-related programs.

The University of Indonesia alumnus is also known to have great relations with the press community and social media activists. His leadership has also led to the many victories of Danone Indonesia’s PR programs in competitions at both national and Southeast Asian levels.

Arif often shares his knowledge as a guest lecturer. He also regularly attends PR seminars and joins the judging panel for PR competitions in Southeast Asia and Asia.

The husband to Farah and father of Aldea Karinta dan Alisha Orian formerly worked as a reporter for a number of national and foreign media.