3D Creality Ender-3 S1 Pro dan CR-200 B 3D printers. (Photo Courtesy of Astragraphia)

Astragraphia Launches 3D Printer, Becomes Creality's Distributor

JULY 15, 2022

Jakarta. PT Astra Graphia Tbk (Astragraphia) through the Office Solution business unit run by a subsidiary PT Astragraphia Xprins Indonesia (AXI), recently added 3D printing technology and launched a 3D printer in Indonesia as a new business initiative.

"We believe that 3D printing can be a new business opportunity for the company," Astragraphia director Wibi Tribowo said in a recent press release.


"This is also one of the strategic steps taken from the 2022 Astragraphia Group Work Plan, which is to foster new initiatives through printing & digital products and services. This portfolio is expected to provide added value and help contribute to creating a robust and sustainable business," Wibi said.

AXI's 3D printing solution will facilitate a wide range of market segments, be it retail customers, MSMEs, corporates, as well as industries. Sectors such as education, healthcare, and the creative industry —among others, music, culinary, and film-making— can also make use of 3D printing.

AXI also announced that it would become the exclusive distributor for Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Creality in Indonesia. The Astragraphia subsidiary will also be in charge of providing Creality's after-sales service across the archipelago.

According to the press release, AXI will sell Creality's leading products, among others, the Ender series which is an entry-level FDM printer. The printer is designed for personal uses and DIY enthusiasts.

Next is the CR series which has a larger printing space and boasts more advanced features such as silent board, and filament detection, to name a few. This printer is excellent for MSMEs, creative industries, makers, etc.

AXI will also market the fully enclosed FDM series. This printer comes with a metal frame that is suitable for industrial needs that require high printing temperature and larger print size.

Last but not least is the Halot series, Creality's resin 3D printer that can produce highly detailed 3D prints. Users of this printer mostly come from the dental and jewelry sectors, as well as the creative industry.

According to Astragraphia, the world's 3D printing market is still promising, with an average compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24 percent. In ASEAN, the use of 3D printing is also rising in the automotive, health, manufacturing, and aviation sectors. The same goes for the Indonesian market. The rapid growth of R&D centers in Indonesia is expected to be a catalyst for the wide use of 3D printing in the country.