Astragraphia director King Iriawan Sutanto. (Photo Courtesy of Astragraphia)

Astragraphia’s Digital Innovations to Boost Customer Service

SEPTEMBER 12, 2021

Jakarta. Office equipment supplier Astragraphia through its Document Solution core business has launched three digital innovations to deliver quality customer service across the archipelago, the company announced in a recent statement.

The trio —dubbed as iCare, iSense, and Online Support Assistance (OSA)— demonstrate Astragraphia’s commitment for continuous innovations by adopting technology amid the Covid-19 pandemic for a quality customer service.


iCare, iSense, and OSA will not only improve customer service, but also boost efficiency, according to Astragraphia director King Iriawan Sutanto.

Astragraphia projects these three innovations will speed up the service request delivery and escalation practices, simplify the administrative processes and machine-status checking, and help the customers find more information on our products,” King said.

“Launching iCare, iSense, and OSA is our strategy to maintain customer trust through the use of automation technology, such as robotic process automation with a complete and integrated database solution,” he added.

iCare, iSense, and OSA is accessible anywhere and at any time. Each app also has different uses.

iCare is a mobile app which enables customers to request a much faster service. Equipped with a dashboard, iSense automatically records the machine status, consumables, and meter (clicks or prints). With OSA, customers can look up product information and guide via a website that is available 24/7.

Customers are showering Astragraphia's latest digital innovations with positive feedbacks. Since first launched, Astragraphia has processed more than 2,000 requests for repairs or consumables a month via iCare.

"As of August 2021, we have applied iSense on its customer's machine products at 32 Astragraphia branches in Indonesia. All customers across the archipelago have also accessed OSA. [The OSA] records on average 8,000 sessions a month," Soebandi, chief of customer service and support at Astragraphia, said.

Ease of access to customer support and responsiveness are crucial in boosting Astragraphia's customer service. And not only do these digital solutions minimize physical contact amid the pandemic, but they can help expedite the administrative process for customer service, according to Soebandi.

"iCare can slash the customer's waiting time by up to 81.25 percent in submitting service requests compared to making phone calls to the call center Halo Astragraphia," Soebandi said.

Astragraphia has been working on iCare and iSense since late last year. The iSense and OSA updates first operated in mid-2020, whilst iCare became available since this February.

iCare is a registered electronic system provider at the Communication and Informatics Ministry with the registry number 000219.01/DJAI.PSE/02/2021.

It also bagged the Innovative Digital Service Solution award at the IDX Channel Anugerah Innovation Indonesia (ICAII) 2021.

The recent media briefing on Astragraphia
The recent media briefing on Astragraphia's digital innovations. (Photo Courtesy of Astragraphia)