Front row, from left: Melchor Group Chairman Peter Gontha, Melchor Group President Director Rudi Poespoprodjo, and Bumi Resources President Director Adhika Andrayudha Bakrie.

Bakrie Group Steps Up Sustainability Efforts with Melchor Support

DECEMBER 03, 2021

Jakarta. Bakrie Group, a leading Indonesian company with a wide range of businesses from plantation and mining to education, has recently signed an agreement with consulting firm Melchor Group to pursue its sustainability agenda and support the government’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction program.

The content of the head of agreement includes Bakrie Group’s green economy agenda and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation in its business units where Melchor is involved.


The company said the agreed measures are in support of the government’s nationally determined contributions (NDC) pledge in the Paris Agreement, in which Indonesia aims to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 29 percent on its own or 41 percent with international assistance by 2030. 

Under the agreement, Bakrie University will be involved in research and education programs covering nature conservation, greenhouse gas emissions mitigation, and climate change.

Bakrie and Melchor also agreed to develop the "green economy model" by combining their respective technologies and infrastructure.

“The collaboration between the two business groups may also cover the education sector with the involvement of Bakrie University to further reach various community groups around the forests and other locations where Bakrie Group operates, enabling us to foster community education and welfare,” said Adhika Andrayudha Bakrie, the President Director of Bumi Resources Minerals – a subsidiary of Bakrie Group.

Melchor Group Chairman Peter F. Gontha said the company shares the global concerns about the growing threat to the environment caused by climate change.

“We consider this our duty to get involved in this particular area and develop certain things such as carbon footprint calculation technology that will cooperate with leading international carbon accounting organizations,” Peter said.

“We are searching for a technology that will be based on crowdfunding – as Mr. Jokowi [President Joko Widodo] has said that Indonesia needs $100 million to preserve the environment. We want to contribute to concerted efforts for sustainability, carbon calculation, carbon offsets, and the necessary infrastructure. Our group therefore welcomes the signing of the head of agreement with Bakrie Group,” he added.   

Melchor has launched a series of initiatives in carbon capture management, carbon footprint calculation, and environment restorations through subsidiaries Muller Karbon Capital (MKK), Jejak Enviro Teknologi, and Rantai Oxygen Indonesia (Roxi).