Jewel Rocks, a Bali-based hand-made jewelry design house, recently presented its 2022 autumn/winter collection at the Paris Fashion Week showroom.

Bali’s Jewel Rocks Showcases its Collection at Paris Fashion Week

MARCH 09, 2022

Jakarta. Jewel Rocks, a Bali-based hand-made jewelry design house, recently presented its 2022 autumn/winter collection at the highly reputable Paris Fashion Week showroom.

The showcase was part of the “Indonesian Designers in Paris by L’Adresse Paris Agency”, and took place on March 4-7 in Palais Brongniart, Paris. 


According to Jewel Rocks Founder Imelda Widjaja, the brand prepared 10 new designs — yet to be launched in Indonesia—  for Paris Fashion Week. Jewel Rocks also displayed its customer favorites at the Paris Fashion Week showroom.

“Through this event, I hope to bring Indonesia’s name to the international buyers, so they take notice of the local businesses’ potentials that are growing and are of high quality,” Imelda said in a press statement.

Imelda enjoys collecting jewelleries as souvenirs when she travels. This hobby of hers eventually led to the founding of Jewel Rocks in 2006.

She added, “I finally got the idea to craft modern jewelry that could be a memorabilia or a souvenir without leaving the elements of traditions, be it the techniques or themes.”

In running business, Imelda collaborates with a number of silver, resin, glass bead, and natural dye artisans in Bali, East Java, and Bandung. 

Jewel Rocks.
Jewel Rocks is a Bali-based hand-made jewelry design house.

She started Jewel Rocks with just Rp 500,000 ($34.76 —for reference, a dollar is equivalent to approximately Rp 14,386) in initial capital. But now this jewelry design house has 10 employees, and most of them are housewives. Imelda also sells the Jewel Rocks’s bijoux online, among others, via the e-commerce Tokopedia.

“Digital platforms like Tokopedia have been truly helpful for our business during the pandemic. In just a month, we can receive up to hundreds of orders from Sabang to Merauke. Our turnover in 2021 jumped threefold in 2021, compared to 2020,” Imelda said.

Imelda’s showcase in Paris received support from Tokopedia in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in France, according to the press statement. 

Astri Wahyuni, the public policy and government relations director at Tokopedia said, “we are committed to give the widest possible stage to Indonesia’s local micro, small and medium enterprises [MSMEs], so they can continue to flourish in the pandemic and even globally.”

As one of the world’s fashion meccas, France can help Indonesian designers penetrate the international market, according to the Indonesian ambassador in France Mohammad Oemar.

“The support for Indonesian MSMEs is part of the government’s effort to boost the country’s creative economy,” Oemar said.