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Bappebti-Licensed Pluang Promises Safe Digital Gold Investments

May 24, 2022 | 3:01 pm
(Photo Courtesy of Pluang)
(Photo Courtesy of Pluang)

Jakarta. Multi-asset investment app Pluang had already obtained the Futures Exchange Supervisory Board or Bappebti’s license for digital gold investments, thus enabling its users to invest safely.

The digital gold purchases on the app are managed by the Bappebti-licensed Pluang Emas Sejahtera (PES). This permit allows Pluang users to invest in digital gold without the need to worry about its safety, as the transactions are regulated and monitored by an authorized state institution. PES is also one of the four Bappebti-approved digital gold traders.

Bappebti has formed a legal umbrella related to the implementation of the physical digital gold market on the futures exchange. 

The agency has also approved physical gold trading at future exchanges Bursa Berjangka Jakarta (BBJ) and Bursa Komoditi. It has also given its green light for clearing houses Kliring Berjangka Indonesia and Indonesia Clearing House (ICH). 

Such digital gold future exchanges and clearing houses will not only help to encourage the growth of digital gold investments. It also offers security to those who wish to invest in digital gold.

A Popular Investment Asset

According to Pluang co-founder Claudia Kolonas, digital gold has been a popular option among investors as they remain resilient amid uncertainties. Its price also tends to increase during crises and uncertainties.

“Many investors rely on digital gold because of its relatively stable price, low risk, and great long-term prospects. People also no longer need to store physical precious metals, so they are safer, avoid the risk of theft, and have no need for additional spending for storage,” Claudia said.

These perks of investing in digital gold have led to a wave of new retail investors in Indonesia. According to Pluang, the number of retail investors in Indonesia has been growing significantly in recent years.

Pluang said that it pledged to open up access to investment in Indonesia and answer the potential of   the retail investors’ significant growth. Pluang users can start digital gold investment starting from ~0.01 gram or equivalent with Rp 10,000 in its official partners on various digital wallet platforms, investment applications and e-commerce, namely GoInvestasi by GoJek, Tokopedia Emas by Tokopedia, BukaEmas by Bukalapak, eMas by DANA.

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