Catchplay+ and PMI are launching the #BeramaldiBulanSuci campaign to spread public awareness about humanitarian causes. (Photo Courtesy of Catchplay+)

Blood and Movie: PMI, Catchplay+ Team up for Humanitarian Cause in Ramadan


APRIL 13, 2021

Jakarta. Catchplay+, one of the leading over-the-top service providers in Indonesia, and the Indonesian Red Cross Society, or PMI, are teaming up on the #BeramaldiBulanSuci campaign to raise public awareness around humanitarian activities to build community resilience, support, and management of disaster relief efforts to Indonesian communities.

Both organizations will work hand-in-hand during the fasting month to launch the #BeramaldiBulanSuci campaign through two separate programs: a blood transfusion program and a charity donation program to encourage good deeds during Ramadan.


Starting Apr 13 to May 12, 2021, every donor who participates in blood transfusion, including regular and convalescent plasma donation, will get one free 30-day Catchplay+ subscription.

This package allows subscribers unlimited watching of thousands of hours of Hollywood, Asian, and UK films and drama series on the Catchplay+ website or apps. The list includes "Doctor Who: Revolutions of The Daleks", "Attack on Titan", "Knives Out", and many more.

This initiative is driven by the PMI report that bloodstock went down by 50 percent during this pandemic period, while the blood transfusion demand keeps increasing. There are 10 blood transfusion sites (Unit Donor Darah, UDD) chosen to participate in this campaign, including:

  1. UDD PMI DKI Jakarta
  2. UDD PMI Tangerang
  3. UDD PMI District of Bekasi
  4. UDD PMI District of Bogor
  5. UDD PMI Bandung
  6. UDD PMI Surakarta
  7. UDD PMI Surabaya
  8. UDD PMI Semarang
  9. UDD PMI Bali
  10. UDD PMI Medan

In the same period, movie lovers throughout Indonesia are also able to donate to PMI by simply purchasing any Single Rental movies on Catchplay+ to watch the latest blockbuster movies, including "Wonder Woman 1984", "Tenet", and "Monster Hunter". A donation of Rp 3,000 is included courtesy of Catchplay+ without adding to end-user price for Single Rentals from every purchase.

“It is an honor to work with PMI on this campaign to help foster good deeds and allow movie lovers to have the choice to donate during this holy month in an easy and entertaining way through Catchplay+," Roy Soetanto, Catchplay's chief marketing officer for the Asia Pacific, said in a statement.

By the end of this campaign, the sum from all Single Rental transactions will be donated by Catchplay+ to PMI to help with PMI’s humanity projects in the future.

Linda Lukitari Waseso, a PMI's board member, this collaboration may help to maintain the quantity of bloodstock during Ramadan. Furthermore, PMI is so thankful for the support from different sectors including private sectors, which pays great attention to social and human aspects.

“With this cooperation, we are hopeful the number of blood stocks during Ramadan will be stable. This partnership shows the role of every sector in supporting PMI to facilitate and making sure that blood supplies are always on hand,”  Linda said.

Users in Indonesia can find the Catchplay+ service through the web, app downloads from Android PlayStore, AppStore, and through leading operators including Telkom’s IndiHome, First Media, XL Home, Transvision; smart TV platforms such as MiTV and LG Smart TV.