(Photo Courtesy of BUMooN)

BUMooN Seeks to Help Tackle Global Warming

AUGUST 21, 2021

Jakarta. BUMooN.io —a blockchain, artificial intelligence, and internet of things startup— is seeking to support the government's efforts in saving the planet from global warming, the company announced in a recent statement.

"Global warming can pose a huge risk to the future. Are we ready to face an 18 percent decline of the global GDP if we fail to maintain the global temperature below 1.5 degrees celsius in 2030?" BUMooN founder Triansyah Putra said.


"As a comparison, the decline in the global GDP from the pandemic alone is about 3 percent. [From] 3 percent to 18 percent, that is a sixfold," he said.

Earlier, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani revealed that it would require about $364 billion to lower carbon emission. The financial gap calls for a multi stakeholder partnership. 

In response, BUMooN comes up with a business model that combines donation and investment ("donvestment"). The business model is said to offer more value in terms of economic income to its participants through the revenue from projects that focus on environmental concepts in the real world.

According to BUMooN.io chief marketing officer Happy Murdianto, BUMooN is the work of Indonesian developers. They have made a breakthrough in the crypto world with a simple idea yet addresses the global warming pain point. It is also expected BUMooN's "donvestment" business model would create a new trend in line with the goal of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), Happy said.

But how does BUMooN.io create an economic benefits with an environmental concept? 

This is done by developing Energy-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service as middleware. As well as by being a legal company that provides services or acts as a mediator in calculating energy saved by businesses. For instance, solar panels electric conversion, waste recycling, and carbon trading. The startup also has the eco-living token BUMoon.io, which it considers as a breakthrough in the crypto world with a simple idea — namely by taking advantage of the natural or renewable resources.