Catchplay+ will offer exclusive live streaming and video on demand of 73rd Emmy Awards in Taiwan, Indonesia. (Photo Courtesy of Catchplay+)

Catchplay+ to Offer Exclusive Live Streaming and VOD of 73rd Emmy Awards in Taiwan, Indonesia

JULY 15, 2021

Jakarta. Regional over-the-top streaming service Catchplay+ announces that it will make the 73rd Emmy Awards available on its platform in September exclusively for both Taiwan and Indonesia. 

The highly anticipated ceremony, held in Los Angeles, USA, will be on September 19, US time, and September 20th, 8 a.m. Taipei time and 7 a.m Jakarta time.  The event will be broadcast live exclusively by Catchplay+ on its streaming service in both Taiwan and Indonesia followed by subtitled highlights and full ceremony video to be made available within the same day. This major entertainment event will be an excitement for the industry and millions of fans around the world, as the largest physical awards ceremony to be held in the United States since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic. Glamorous celebrities and host Cedric the Entertainer will all be seen simultaneously on the Catchplay+ platform in real time. 


"Catchplay is committed to bringing more varieties of international entertainment to our users in addition to promoting Asia’s high quality original content. We are also constantly trying different things, live broadcast of important entertainment events being of them," Catchplay Group CEO Daphne Yang said.

"This exclusive live broadcast of the 73rd Emmy Awards is not only a first for us but also a first for the audiences in Taiwan and Indonesia. We hope to be bringing more exciting live events like this to our subscribers apart from the latest movies and series we are recognized for," she said.

The Emmy Awards will be made available exclusively for Catchplay+ subscribers in Taiwan and Indonesia. Monthly subscribers can either watch the scheduled live broadcast or the subtitled video on demand later without having to pay any extra fees.

A Catchplay+ account allows up to two concurrent devices watching different videos or live broadcasts simultaneously, making it convenient for family and friends to share. Since its launch in 2016, the Catchplay+ streaming service has now reached over 7 million users. Focusing on offering premium international and local entertainment content, it has become one of the largest paid OTT services in Southeast Asia.

Following its alliance with Warner Media last year to bring the entire HBO GO branded service on board of the Catchplay+ platform in Taiwan, in March this year, the company further announced partnership with BBC Studios to launch the BBC First branded section on its platform in Taiwan and Indonesia.