A Hypermart grocery truck stops by at a residential area in the Greater Jakarta area. (B1 Photo)

Close to Home: Hypermart Deploys Grocery Trucks to Residential Areas


APRIL 14, 2020

Jakarta. Retail giant Hypermart has started to deploy trucks to residential areas, allowing people to shop just a few steps away from their homes as social restrictions are in place during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Jakarta, home to more than half of the country’s 4,800 confirmed cases, is currently under large-scale social distancing policy (PSBB) that restricts travel and public gatherings. Local governments in Jakarta's satellite cities have also announced the social restrictions, due in effect this week.

With limited people's mobility, Hypermart is now sending grocery trucks on patrol to residential areas. These trucks drive around neighborhoods to assist people seeking to fill their pantry without needing to travel far from their homes.

Shoppers can complete the order form to list their purchased items. (B1 Photo)
Shoppers can complete the order form to list down their purchased items. (B1 Photo)

Hypermart is trying to make the shopping process convenient while still complying with the Covid-19 protocols. Shoppers only need to complete an order form for items they would like to purchase. The form includes a price list and a column for people to jot down the desired quantity. With a battery-powered cash register, customers can directly pay for their transactions at the cashier once the items are ready. The staff wears masks and gloves as a preventive measure.


A police officer is also assigned to each truck to avoid gathering crowds near the vehicle.

On its first trial run on Tuesday, the trucks stopped by at three residential areas in Greater Jakarta and served 26 shoppers per hour.

Hypermart cashiers wear masks as a preventive measure when assisting the customers. (B1 Photo)
Hypermart cashiers wear masks and gloves as a preventive measure when assisting the customers. (B1 Photo)

The hypermarket chain is now aiming to send fifteen trucks to stop by at fifteen locations every day.

The innovative mobile shopping program follows earlier Park & Pick Up drive-in service, where shoppers can order groceries through WhatsApp messaging and pick up the ordered items at Hypermart’s parking lots without stepping out of their vehicle.