Danone Indonesia CEO Connie Ang. (Photo Courtesy of Danone Indonesia)

Connie Ang Amongst Most Extraordinary Women Business Leaders in 2022

MAY 18, 2022

Jakarta. Connie Ang, the CEO of food company Danone Indonesia, is listed amongst "The Most Extraordinary Women Business Leaders 2022", according to business magazine SWA.

The award recognizes top 20 female business leaders in Indonesia and one of them was Connie Ang.

SWA assessed the leaders based on their success in facing challenges within the context of the impact of the pandemic on the company's business, leadership, employee health, and business. The assessment process followed several stages.

On the first stage, candidates were selected via a research process against a set of criteria, namely leadership duration, solid business performance, the ability for leaders to make new breakthroughs, and drive compliance via good governance practices.

The second stage encompassed written interviews and discussions with the judges, whom were senior business leaders across a variety of industries. 

“I am honored to be listed in the Extraprdinary Women Business Leader award. This award is the reflection of the hard work and collaboration of my leaders and their respective teams. As a CEO, I believe my role is similar to acConductor of an orchestra - it's my job to influence and lead the whole team in Danone Indonesia and listen for information that helps the leaders do their jobs to the best of their abilities," Connie said in a recent press statement.

"This helps drive a culture that values Performance, this means delivering our promises and holding each other to account. We value clarity and accountability, underpinned by people being courageous to call things when off track. These key values and behaviors foster performance. These values enable us to navigate any challenging situation to deliver our business results and focus on what really matters - making positive impacts on the lives of Indonesian people through our products, brands, and sustainable initiatives," she added.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought multiple challenges, business uncertainty and disruptions like never before.

Yet, the pandemic also has been a moment for leadership learnings – to test our strategies, our leadership and ultimately our mindset of accountability. Danone Indonesia believes this provides valuable learning ground for how we anticipate and plan for unexpected, unprecedented events.  

“In terms of business sustainability, culture is the new competitive edge. It is no longer simply about having a winning strategy in brand, or solid systems – these are important, but organisations that thrive are focused on ways of working that serve the consumer and adapt their cultures. This starts with the leaders, they need to be curious, learners, balance out in the ask and tell to get the most from their people,” Connie said. 

Danone Indonesia believes driving high-performing teams is a core foundation to driving a culture that values performance, according to Connie.

The company's employees have three basic behaviors that are the tenets of performance -  clarity; specifically on what must be done, courage; to speak- up and express opinions, and accountability; taking ownership for what we can control and influence.

These are underpinned by a mindset that values responsibility. By being inclusive and including encouraging employees in decision making, allowing mistakes, and making them a valuable lesson is what enables us to learn, grow and course correct, Connie added. 

Connie Ang's various achievements and successes are well known, with Danone Indonesia recently being awarded "The Best Place Companies to Work & The Most Caring Companies 2021" by HR ASIA, coupled with the recognition of her leadership in the "Best CEO Awards 2021" by SWA Magazine.

“I believe the success of a strategy always starts with its employees abilities to execute it. The results of a business are always the result of the team. Businesses don’t achieve things, people do. This award is not mine alone, it is ours. Because without the support of the Danone Indonesia teams, this could not have been achieved. It is an award I humbly accept on behalf of all employees within Danone Indonesia. It provides all of us with the spirit to continue our journey, so we can bring healthy nutrition and hydration products that positively impact the people of Indonesia.We remain optimistic about our future and contribution.” Connie said.