Danone Indonesia joins the sharing ideas session of the 2022 Local Media Summit in Jakarta on Oct. 28, 2022. (Photo Courtesy of Danone Indonesia)

Danone Indonesia Shows Support for Collaborative Journalism

NOVEMBER 01, 2022

Jakarta. Danone Indonesia recently took part in the 2022 Local Media Summit in which the fast-moving consumer goods giant shared its thoughts on the local media landscape from a corporate perspective and affirmed its support for collaborative journalism.

Local media today are in need of opportunities to be able to reach a wider audience. To thrive in the digital era, local media need an opportunity to meet experts to solve the various challenges they face in developing their newsrooms and business. And this calls for collaborative journalism. 

Collaborative journalism is necessary to complement the resources of both the media and other organizations —such as the government or private sector. It will also help maximize the impact of the content produced and the development of local media in Indonesia.

According to Danone Indonesia corporate communication director Arif Mujahidin, there are currently no more boundaries that set local, national, or global media apart. 


“Because everything can be accessed online. What matters the most for a media, from a corporate perspective, is that each media must have its own uniqueness and is accessible by a large audience,” Arif said in a statement.

Arif said that corporations now no longer pay attention to the business side alone. But they are now taking other stakeholders, be it regulators, media, as well as consumers, to consideration.

“In line with our ‘One Planet One Health’ vision, Danone Indonesia certainly needs the media’s role to educate and communicate a number of areas which have been our focus, such as our sustainable and corporate initiatives,” Arif added.

This year, the company has teamed up with the Communications and Informatics Ministry to host the Danone Journalist Skill Up event on preventing hoaxes. Danone Indonesia also works alongside the Indonesian Cyber Media Association (AMSI) and experts to host classes on health and nutrition education for local media.