Food company Danone Indonesia wins a trophy at the 2022 Sustainable Award for the energy management category. The SBA also recognizes Danone as a company with a significant achievement in water management, climate change, and emission category. (Photo Courtesy of Danone Indonesia)

Danone Indonesia Wins 2022 Sustainable Business Award

JUNE 03, 2022

Jakarta. Food company Danone Indonesia recently announced that it had won a trophy at the 2022 Sustainable Business Award, shortened as SBA, for the energy management category.

The SBA also recognized Danone as a company with a significant achievement in water management, climate change, and emission category. 

“In line with our ‘One Planet, One Health’ vision, we also focus on implementing a sustainable business strategy that embraces the [global] sustainable development goals [SDGs], including those of the government,” Vera Galuh Sugijanto, the VP General Secretary at Danone Indonesia, said in a recent press statement.

“Danone Indonesia pledged to maintain the sustainability of water resources, manage post-consumer packaging, and minimize the impact of energy use in its business operations,” Vera said.


For the energy management category, Danone successfully reduced its energy consumption by production optimization, use optimization, and equipment regeneration. 

These three factors are crucial to the company’s annual target of slashing energy by 4 percent, according to its press statement. 

Danone Indonesia holds the so-called Blue Operation to raise its employees’ awareness on energy. The company also pledges to have a green factory for each new site it develops such as by installing solar panels. Danone Indonesia added that it continuously improved its energy efficiency by working together with 15 certified energy auditors.

As for water management, the company has set a goal for a positive water impact by 2030. This goal embraces three pillars, namely conserving water resources and the natural environment, fostering water circulation in and around production sites, and supplying safe drinking water for vulnerable groups. 

To this end, the company records its water consumption in each factory, including the amount recycled or reused. An external auditor monitors these water recording processes. Since 2010, Danone Indonesia has built more than 2,300 community infiltration wells, over 90,000 biophores, 8,100 trenches, and 74 rainwater harvesting facilities. Danone Indonesia has also teamed up with other parties to open up access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) for more than 463,000 people.

At the previous SBA, Danone Indonesia took home two awards, among others, in the workforce category which recognized the company’s inclusive and sustainable working environment. Danone Indonesia also won an award for the best initiative in waste management. According to National Development Planning Minister Suharso Monoarfa, the private sector plays a crucial role in turning the SDGs to a reality.

“I would like to convey my appreciation to the SBA and all companies who have played their crucial role in achieving sustainability,” Suharso said.