Danone Indonesia wins four awards at the 2022 Public Relations Indonesia Awards, or PRIA, in Semarang on March 25, 2022. (Photo Courtesy of Danone Indonesia)

Danone Indonesia Wins 4 Awards at 2022 PRIA

MARCH 27, 2022

Jakarta. Food company Danone Indonesia recently took home four awards at the 2022 Public Relations Indonesia Awards, or PRIA, on Friday in Semarang.

The 2022 PRIA recognized Danone Indonesia for its community-based development corporate social responsibility (CSR)  — the Danone UMKM Digital Academy 2021. This is a capacity-building and use of digital capability program dedicated for micro, small and enterprises (MSMEs) who have partnered with Danone Indonesia, namely Aqua Home Service and Warung Anak Sehat. 


Danone Indonesia also won an award for its 2019-2020 Danone-Aqua Sustainability Report, which details the company’s initiatives on running a responsible business and bringing positive impact to the community and environment. 

The third award that Danone Indonesia received was the Public Relations (Corporate PR) for #Danone100%Vaccinated, the company’s internal campaign to vaccinate about 15,000 employees.

All these programs underwent an extensive judging process, which included a document entry and a presentation to PR Indonesia’s judging panel. The judging process took several aspects to account, starting from sustainability performance highlights, the company’s commitment to the alignment of the company’s focus with sustainable development goals (SDGs).

PRIA also awarded Danone Indonesia for being the “Most Popular in Printed Media of 2021”. In this category, PR Indonesia along with data analytics firm Kazee Digital reviewed the amount of exposures in positive tones in 174 mainstream printed media in Indonesia throughout 2021.

Danone Indonesia corporate communications director Arif Mujahidin said that the company had been focusing on supporting Covid-19 pandemic handling and recovery efforts in the past two years.

“Amid these challenges, the pandemic has taught us the importance of a mindset change and a more optimal digital culture to support the business role in expediting health recovery for the community and the environment,” Arif said, while expressing gratitude for 2022 PRIA awards.

“These awards are a testament to our “One Planet, One Health” mission, where we pledge to continue to bring positive impact for the health of the people and the health of the planet,” Arif added.

The 2022 PRIA Awards centered on collaboration for the nation’s post-pandemic recovery. 

Danone Indonesia also became a speaker at the event’s CSR and Sustainability Business class, where it shared its success story on the Danone Digital UMKM Academy. In this session, Danone Indonesia emphasized the importance of establishing resilience and multi-stakeholder collaboration in making strategic CSR programs.

At 2021 PRIA Awards, Danone Indonesia took home four awards and became the overal champion or platinum winner in the private company category.