Danone SN Indonesia Careline. (Photo Courtesy of Danone SN Indonesia)

Danone SN 24h Multichannel Support Offers Nutrition Education

APRIL 23, 2022

Jakarta. Food giant Danone SN Indonesia recently said the company's 24-hours multichannel support did not only offer customer service, but also nutrition education to help mothers improve their child's nutrition, particularly in the first 1,000 days of life.

“[...] The Careline does not only serve as a customer service, but we would like to become a credible partner to consumers and prospective consumers to assist them in every important stage of life, including the first 1,000 days,” Danone Indonesia corporate communications director Arif Mujahidin said in a recent press statement.

Consumers can call the 24-hour Careline at 08001360360, e-mail, social media, e-commerce or WhatsApp. They can also make an appointment with the team, choose the desired topic, and select whether they would like to consult by call or WhatsApp (voice or video call).

“By providing many different services, we aim to maintain our brand relevance to fulfill consumers’ nutritional needs. This aligns with our vision of ‘One Planet, One Health’. This initiative has become something crucial for our consumers,” Arif said.

He added, “because access to information or health and nutrition education are the stepping stones to an advanced and healthier Indonesian generation.”

Danone SN Indonesia has 62 Carelines which consist of professionals —with backgrounds in midwifery, nursing, nutrition, early childhood development, among others—to guide mothers in nurturing optimal child development since their child’s early years. 

The Careline team is also committed to ensure service level of agreement (SLA) compliance for a quality service.

“Danone SN Indonesia pledged to maintain product quality across its operational lines, starting from selecting the best ingredients, distributing [the product] and until it arrives in the consumer’s hands,” Arif said.

“With the existing research facilities, we continue to strive to be the right nutritional solution to support the health of as many Indonesians as possible through research and product innovations by prioritizing expertise and international networks in the fields of science and technology.”