(Photo Courtesy of Danone Specialized Nutrition Indonesia)

Danone SN Wins Award for Slashing Paper Use by 59.5 Pct

JULY 29, 2022

Jakarta. Food company Danone Specialized Nutrition Indonesia, commonly shortened as Danone SN Indonesia, announced that it recently took home a paperless award from Tolson Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in change management.

The award recognized Danone SN Indonesia’s efforts to go paperless in its operations by embracing digital solutions. 


Danone SN Indonesia's success in paperless operations and organized monitoring system in four production lines across the Prambanan factory —which accounted for 24 percent of total production— won the company the 'Digital Tree' predicate.

Danone SN Indonesia reported that it successfully slashed paper use by 59.5 percent of its total production. The company said it had saved 740,000 liters of water and 398 kg of CO2 per year. The initiative also helps reduce 1,308 hours of manual work. This is expected to give a boost to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12 on responsible consumption and production.

"We are committed to running our business while paying attention to environmental and social aspects by embracing digital transformation. This is a step forward in our commitment to a sustainable business, be it in effective and efficient operational processes or our concern for the environment that aligns with our ‘One Planet, One Health’ vision,” Danone SN Prambanan factory head Joko Yulianto said.

"This initiative aligns with our commitment for a positive water impact where we pledge to return more water than used by 2030 and become a carbon-neutral company by 2050,” Joko said.

The audit certification process starts with an introduction to manufacturing operations and paper-based mapping, site visits, and inputs by the auditors regarding paperless production. The use of paper in the context of production operations includes the use of paper for work instructions, standard operating procedures, and other documents for data and writing.

“Danone is also doing this audit across its global operations to see the progress of the digital transformation of each country where Danone operates. Overall, Danone SN Indonesia ranks third after Ireland and Poland for its paperless production which shows our digital transformation is going well,” Joko said.