(Photo Courtesy of Danone-AQUA)

Danone-AQUA Plants A Thousand Coffee Trees in Cupunagara

JANUARY 14, 2023

Jakarta. A team representing nine Danone-AQUA plants in West Java earlier this week planted a thousand arabica coffee Sigarar Utang trees in Cupunagara, Subang to commemorate the one million tree movement, according to a press release.

The bottled water company worked alongside farmer groups, the Cupunagara village government, and other stakeholders in the process. 

“The AQUA Subang plant and other AQUA Plants in West Java, or in Indonesia as a whole, have always worked with the community around our premises. Planting 1,000 coffee plants in Cupunagara is a collaboration with the local community,” Dwi Nofriyadi, the head of the AQUA Subang plant, said.

Danone-AQUA is helping Cupunagara grow coffee —one of the village’s leading products— using a conservation model. 


“The conservation-based coffee tree planting is crucial for the highland Cupunagara. We have to make sure the conservation goes well, so water can seep back into the soil and does not overflow into the lowland and trigger a flood,” Cupunagara village chief Wahidin Hidayat said.

Wahidin said the local farmers would take care of the freshly planted coffee trees, and hopefully, the people can reap the harvests in two years.

Arif Wahyudin, the senior manager for sustainable integration and economic development at Danone Indonesia, said the program aimed to empower local farmers and also support conservation efforts.

“This aligns with how Danone always strives to safeguard the environment wherever it operates. The program does not stop at tree planting, but we will also give post-harvest assistance, including helping the village to grow quality coffee beans and marketing for the KOPI TIRTO coffee brand,” Arif said.

According to Arif, the program will help open up new market opportunities for Cupunagara-grown coffee, thus providing an economic boon for the locals. 

The Danone-AQUA collaboration in growing coffee using a conservation model is expected to bring social, environmental, and economic impact.