Journalists from across Indonesia attended the Data and Computational Journalism (DCJ) workshop in 2019. (Photo Courtesy of DCJ-CI)

Data Journalism Conference DJC-CI to Be Held Later This Month

JULY 09, 2022

Jakarta. The 2022 Data and Computational Journalism Conference Indonesia, also known as DCJ-CI, will take place on July 27-30.

The 2022 DCJ-CI claims to be the first-ever data and computational journalism conference held in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The hybrid forum will be conducted in both English and Indonesian.

This annual international conference will bring together media industries, practitioners, and academics from various fields, such as journalism, data, social, and computer sciences, facilitating a multidisciplinary discussion on these topics to advance research and practice in data and computational journalism, the organizers said in a statement.

The use of data in the newsroom is essential. Nowadays, when something occurs, readers are not only looking for the what, where, and when aspects. But they wish to understand more and explore the context behind what is happening. 


Research by the Press Council in 2021 shows that 42.2 percent of 1.020 respondents chose the ‘existence of data and facts’ factor to determine whether they would believe the news. This number is higher than the respondents who chose the ‘interviewee’ or the ‘big name of media’ as their determinants. This finding becomes a reminder to media industries to shift their focus from speed to delivering facts and information. 

Data journalism worldwide, however, is still facing a number of hurdles.

According to the 2021 State of Data Journalism survey, the challenges that data journalists mostly encounter include limited access to good quality data (56 percent). Followed by time constraints (49 percent), under budget (47 percent), and the lack of ability to analyze data (44 percent).

This survey shows that data journalists could work better if more training is conducted.

With the support of the US Embassy in Indonesia, the 2022 DCJ-CI aims to equip journalists, college students, and lecturers with extensive skills and knowledge in data journalism, especially in today’s conditions where data plays a vital role in newsrooms.

The four-day 2022 DCJ-CI offers interactive discussions, seminars, and hands-on workshops. 

The 2022 DCJ-CI will focus on the practice of data journalism, both the opportunities and challenges for Indonesian journalists before, during, and after the pandemic.

This conference will also deepen the surge of new technologies supporting the journalism practices such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning, robot, drone, open-source intelligence, and satellite imagery.

Participants will receive training on the tools used in data visualization, programming and non-programming, and fact-checking tools. 

“The DCJ-CI is expected to deliver best practices of data journalism, explore new and emerging technologies, and contribute to the exchange of knowledge on data journalism and technologies between experts from several countries, especially from the United States,” said Michael Quinian, a spokesperson at the US Embassy in Indonesia.

The 2022 DCJ-CI invites dozens of data and computational journalism experts and practitioners across the globe, among others Adolfo Arranz (senior graphics editor at Reuters), Inga Ting (data journalist at ABC News), Alberto Cairo (knight chair in visual journalism at the School of Communication of the University of Miami). As well as Jonathan Soma (adjunct faculty, director of the LEDE Program, Columbia University), Maryam Ahmed (data scientist of BBC News), Arun Karki (Center for Data Journalism Nepal), and many more.

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Go to the 2022 DCJ-CI official website via this link to see the full schedule and more information on the conference.