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Deli and AGNEZ MO Team Up to Define #TemanSuksesku

18 Feb 2023 | 22:04 WIB
Deli Indonesia and Agnez Mo launches new office and school supplies campaign #TemanSuksesku. (Photo Courtesy of Deli Indonesia)
Deli Indonesia and Agnez Mo launches new office and school supplies campaign #TemanSuksesku. (Photo Courtesy of Deli Indonesia)

Jakarta. Who does not know the stationary brand Deli Indonesia? 

Deli is a producer of stationeries for both students and working professionals whose products are now available across the archipelago, be it in your local bookstores or e-commerce platforms.

Deli Indonesia has been in the country since five years ago, and the company pledged to give service excellence for its customers. To date, Deli has provided more than 12,000 products that meet every need of the customers. This is in line with Deli's goal of providing the best products for the global consumers.

Founded in 1981, Deli has been leading China’s education and culture for years. Deli has also become a pioneer for stationery products. Deli has 11 regional marketing centers, 7 R&D centers, and 6 manufacturing bases across the globe, with its products being sold in more than 130 countries and regions. Deli has also become a household name in many countries' education markets.

On Dec. 4, Deli Indonesia announced that it had picked pop singer Agnez Mo as its brand ambassador to get closer to the Indonesian market. Agnez Mo is a multi-talented, energetic individual who has gone international and this suits Deli as a company that houses a variety of products across the globe.

Deli and AGNEZ MO Team Up to Define #TemanSuksesku
Various stationeries with eye-catching designs from Deli and Agnez Mo. (Photo Courtesy of Deli Indonesia)

The support of a friend who always accompanies you in every process is one of the keys to success, and this also goes for Agnez Mo. Deli Group Indonesia believes that it can be a friend for the Indonesian people. That is why Deli picked the slogan “Teman Suksesku” for its collaboration with Agnez Mo. Likewise, Agnez Mo also sees Deli as a friend who will accompany her to success.

As part of the collaboration, Agnez Mo and Deli have launched a video today that tells the singer’s story with the stationery brand. In the video, Agnez Mo talked about her career journey and how she did not mind starting over as Deli helps her get creative at every start. 

“Deli makes my ideas more colorful. With Deli, my creative process becomes far more efficient. Deli #TemanSuksesku,” Agnez Mo said.

Deli Indonesia seeks to become part of the consumers’ journey toward success. Deli wants to accompany the development of children’s creativity and wisdom. They also wish to be part of the working adults’ journey in building their careers. This is why Deli pledged to continue presenting its latest innovations to prove that Deli Indonesia can take root in the Indonesian market by offering the best products.

“On Feb. 18, Deli Indonesia officially launched an exclusive product featuring Agnez Mo as an innovation to meet the needs’ of Indonesians,” Deli Group Indonesia director Peter Lim said.

“The AGNEZ MO exclusive products will be split into two categories, namely for kids-teens and office workers. It encompasses everything from crayons, pencils, sharpeners for school and university needs, to expanding files, display books, and staplers for office work,” Peter Lim said.

More than 60 Agnez Mo-exclusive stationery products are now available on Indonesian e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Tokopedia, and Lazada. You can also find the newly launched products in small supermarket chains and office supplies stores across the archipelago. For more information, visit Deli Indonesia’s official Instagram account.

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