A photo illustration of a gold bar. (Photo Courtesy of Antara)

Digibank's 'Bayar Ringkas' Now Available on Lakuemas

JULY 11, 2022

Jakarta. Digital banking app digibank by DBS and gold investment platform Lakuemas recently announced that they had teamed up to make it easier for people to purchase digital gold.

The Bayar Ringkas feature by digibank is now available for Lakuemas users. 


This feature enables users to buy digital gold on Lakuemas without having to switch apps. Users only need to register once on the Lakuemas app to have digibank's Bayar Ringkas as a payment method. For security, users have to verify using a one-time password (OTP) whenever they make a transaction.

A report by Katada Insight Center (KIC) in partnership with Stockbit revealed that 60.2 percent of Indonesians preferred to invest in gold rather than other instruments. These statistics prompted digibank by DBS to choose Lakuemas as its first partner for Bayar Ringkas.

"In line with the 'Live More, Bank Less' principle, digibank by DBS presents digibank's Bayar Ringkas on the Lakuemas app to offer a convenient, effortless, and safe transaction experience," Erline Diani, the head of digibank at Bank DBS Indonesia, was quoted as saying in a recent press statement.

According to Erline, the partnership aligns with Bank DBS Indonesia to expand the digital payment ecosystem and promote financial inclusion in Indonesia.

"Going forward, the payment API will also be in line with the National Open API Payment Standard [SNAP] published by Bank Indonesia," Erline added.

Lakuemas president director Bayu Saputra also commented on the partnership.

"The collaboration between Lakuemas and Bank DBS Indonesia is a business decision that is not only strategic but also visionary. Considering that we have a similar aspiration to help people make digital gold transactions with convenience, ease, and security," Bayu said.

"By having digibank's Bayar Ringkas on the Lakuemas app, we hope people are more motivated to start and to regularly invest in gold without having to worry about the security and time spent on buying digital gold," Bayu said.

Lakuemas has been digitizing gold investment for more than three years. The platform has also obtained a license from the Futures Exchange Supervisory Board or Bappebti (Bappebti).

To date, Lakuemas has amassed at least a million downloads. It has teamed up with more than a hundred online stores and has gold ATMs spread across five locations. Lakuemas promos are also available on e-commerces.